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Red and Whites go high!

16th July 2013

The Red and White groups had an early start to the day as they looked forward to visiting Glacier 3000! Some tired members of both groups were quickly brightened up by the sun that continued to shine all day- perfect weather for the days activities off site. Staff and campers jumped on a cable cart to head up the mountain where a husky ride was waiting for them. The groups got to enjoy the company of the huskies as well as a fast pace ride around a track. Campers were then shown the stunning view from the top of the glacier prior to lunch. This view of the glacier provided the perfect spot for activity leader Chris to inform campers about Glacier 3000 and to explain how glaciers are formed. The groups then left the glacier and headed back down the mountain for a relaxed afternoon in Villeneuve which entailed swimming in Lake Geneva and the outdoor pool. Whether they were jumping off the diving board or spending time sunbathing, both the Red and White group enjoyed every bit of Villeneuve along with the rest of the day.It appeared that they may have found it their most exciting day at Camp Suisse yet!


White group scramble up the river

15th July 2013

It was another warm and sunny day in Torgon and the White Group were learning about the vital skills of orienteering by using pacings, compasses and maps. Everyone managed to hike their way to the football pitch, where the group experienced orienteering in heavy fog by using a group shelter as a blind fold. After some afternoon tea we headed off to do some ghyll scrambling. First everyone had to change into their water friendly clothing – after all you can’t survive this activity without being soaked. We put our helmets on and then it was time to hit up the river. ” Dont be afraid to get your shoes wet and no stepping on the green stones,” said our Activity Leader, Marie at the start of the river. After that it was tricky climb up with the help of some plank bridges and ropes. At the end of the climb people made sure no one had a dry t-shirt on. The climb back down was made even more wet by challenging everyone to go under the obstacles instead of over them. Harry and Duncan were more than excited about this and used the lagoon at the end of the hike as a paddling pool to have a quick swim. Before finishing we thanked the fish for letting us use their river by soaking our head underwater.


13th July 2013


We are all looking forward to welcoming you to Camp Suisse 2013!

Let the good times begin!


First Day of Session Two

As the campers all rolled in over a number of hours, many were getting to know their new group members or reuniting with returners. 

For those who arrived before dinner, the activies that were offered were the climbing wall, tennis, sports at the football pitch and in the patinoire, as well as some good old table tennis!!

Many were anxious at the thought of not knowing anyone, but we can now say – noone seems to have inhibitions!

All in all a positive start to our new journey.

Watch this space!


Left, right, left – Mission Day

5th August 2012

The weekend brought thunder storms and heavy rain to Torgon, with an almighty storm taking place over night that continued in to the hours of the morning wake up and breakfast time. The ground was sodden with low cloud and rain still lingered during the morning as the campers partook in their language lessons and sports sessions.

The scheduled use of the football pitch and tennis courts therefore had to be unfortunately cancelled due to water logged pitches. They opted for the drier option of an indoor football tournament. Following this the campers separated into their squadrons for this session’s mission day. Mission day is an entire camp activity spanning the whole afternoon and requires the campers to work in their assigned teams to complete various tasks in which all aim to build up their score in a mission league. The team with the highest number of points are crowned mission day champions. 


The teams – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo all gathered firstly in the Patinoire for face painting and to devise a team chant of which could be heard all over camp throughout the entire afternoon. After initial preparations, a packed lunch was high on the agenda, while the teams briefed the squadrons for the tasks ahead. 

Due to the stormy weather conditions, most activities were re-located indoors, apart from Archery where the campers dashed out in the midst of a sunny spell to shoot some arrows. The mountain bikers completed an obstacle course before clambering on to the climbing wall. The teams carried out an orienteering task by finding treasure around the centre and then they were required to make use of their inventive skills and design a rocket to be launched in a distance competition at the end of the afternoon. All squadrons completed their tasks with an impressive rocket launch by Alpha, which secured them their victory as overall champions. 


After dinner the campers stayed in their mission day groups for the evening’s entertainment comprising of a murder mystery game. A fictional plot claiming that camp Director had been murdered was read out to the campers before they were given one hour and 6 locations to complete tasks that won them information from each suspect to enable them to piece together clues, leading them to the murder , motive and weapon. The majority of the campers correctly deduced that Night Angel Rachel had killed Rich in the Tuck shop over language teacher Lattifa.

The day ended with the clouds darkening and another storm looming over Torgon. Scheduled outdoor activity have been reshuffled with the Aqua Parc being tomorrow’s activity. 

Mountain Biking – White Group

24th July 2012

After lunch the group fitted out with gloves and helmets before heading up to Plan de Croix with Calum, Sarah, Rosie and Chris. They instructed the group on the set of skills required to safely bike down the mountain. Mountain biking requires the rider to have good core strength and balance as they negotiate the bike over uneven terrain. The group was split into 3 teams, blue white and green and so they seperately  descended the mountain from Plan de croix riding over the various roads and trails that lead them back to Camp Suisse HQ. Particular congratulations to Sabine and Mera who both conquered their fear of cycling and were able to complete the last trail with confidence. 

After such an adventurous afternoon mountain biking, the group took part in the 3 minute movie making evening activity. They split in to small groups and acted out a short 3 minute summary of their chosen movie ranging from James Bond to Titanic. After editing, the films will be uploaded to our Youtube channel and Facebook page.


White Group Tennis Tournament

23rd July 2012

The White group were greeted with a cloudless sky this morning so after a cheery breakfast all were excited to take part in their last session of tennis with Oli. All group members competed in a doubles tournament, which saw Lou Lou and Marius winning the title in a hotly fought contest with Matt and Jordan in the final. The final itself was spectated by the whole group, with everyone fulfilling a role such as ball boy/girl, umpire or line judge. 


Lunch arrived soon enough and after a succulent fish finger sandwich the white group set off for a fun filled afternoon at Parc Aventure.  The group clambered up ladders, swung across ropes and ziplined through the trees all at 20 metres off the ground. 

After chicken drum sticks and karaoke night, the clear night sky revealing the blanket of stars indicates that tomorrow should be another fabulously clear day, but the Whites will be sure to take their SPF with them on tomorrow’s adventure as temperatures are predicted to reach 29 degrees. 

An Enjoyable Escapade In The Sun For The Entire Camp

22nd July 2012

Once again, the campers at Camp Suisse were greeted by a glorious day in the Swiss Alps! After demolishing breakfast, the campers attended either a language session or sports session. Half of the group enjoyed tennis training with Oli in the sun on our tennis courts. The other half flexed their footy skills with Chris and Kirsty at the football pitches. 


All campers thoroughly enjoyed sports session and had worked up a real appetite so lunch was a treat with nearly all children opting for second helpings. After lunch all groups reconvened for group and entire camp photos. Check out more of our wonderful photos on our Facebook page International Camp Suisse. Towards the end of the afternoon, all groups were thrilled to visit the top of the mountain after a chair lift with a million dollar view. After enjoying the panoramic view at the summit, they followed hiking trails and trekked across mountainous clearings to reach the football pitch where all groups met up for afternoon tea and a game of footie. Duncan from the Green group expressed how much he loved the lift up and enjoyed the beautiful views on the descent the walk and of course the beautiful views.

An evening of suspicion and investigation bookmarked the day as camp in to six teams to investigate the Murder Mystery.  Poirot, Scooby Doo, Marple, Sherlock, Columbo and Frost sought clues from the suspects through various challenges to come to put together the pieces of the case and discover who the murder was and their motivaition. Marie’s team, Poirot, successfully uncovered the mystery of the murder – Beth was found to be Toria’s killer and the offending weapon was a cake, Dun Dun Dun…


Bushcraft Hike -Blue Group

19th July 2012

What a gloriously sunny day at Camp Suisse! After a spot of languages and sport, the Blue and Red group headed off to Lake Geneva for some water sport fun while the White and Yellows prepared for archery and wall climbing. Meanwhile, the Green group set off into the beautiful mountains of Torgon. 

After being split into two groups, half of Blue group set off on their Bushcraft hike, which was led by either Calum and Kirsty or by Tom and Rachel. Group one built animal shelters of which some even had a swimming pool! Meanwhile Tom shared his expert knowledge in the natural delights surrounding us including the antiseptic properties of moss. He claims that Reindeer moss was used during the Crimean war as a natural packing agent for wounded soldiers on the battle field. It can also be used as a make shift filter to make water potable and so after a short demonstration the group were required to build their own water filter using a plastic bottle, rocks, twigs and the moss.

After a lengthy period in the woods, Blue group headed back to camp for a swift shower and plentiful helpings of Mexican Fajitas. After campers eagerly scoffed up their pineapple upside down cake, the cameras started rolling in the 3 minute film after dinner activity. Our aspiring Spielbergs directed and acted a 3 minute summary of their favourite movie using what props they could salvage in their surroundings.  Be sure to keep a check on our YouTube channel – Campsuisse1 to see how they got along. 

White Knuckle Climbing Experience

Shooting hoops was the name of the game in the morning for White group.  So after lunch, they took a short trip down the mountain to the outdoor rock climbing wall where they met with climbing specialist activity leaders Jim and Sara. The group, fitted out with harnesses, were taught about the required knots for climbing and safety techniques required when belaying another climber. Lou lou, Theodor, Katherine, Matthew and Camille showed particular aptitude and were able to complete all four climbing terrains. Their good form continued during their abseiling descent; however Katherine, Theodore, Lou lou and Mathew were the only daring campers keen. Following dinner the children started preparations for the Saturday night talent show.