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DSC_7190-X4We are delighted that our adventure activity programme has achieved AdventureMark accreditation bi-annually since 2012, which recognises that we deliver all activities to the highest standards in terms of safety, risk management, organisation and staff competence. Our team of skilled and enthusiastic activity leaders are dedicated to meeting these standards as well as creating a fun, yet safe, learning

Whether we are clambering up climbing crags, getting to grips with real mountain biking, hiking and camping to our Alpine outpost and unleashing the inner Robin Hood in our lively archery sessions,  building hammocks in the woods, navigating our way round the local forest with a compass or pitting our wits in team building challenges, there is never a dull moment at Camp Suisse.

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Mountain Biking

IMG_8888 (640x427)Mountain biking is one of our most popular activities. Our area is perfect for practising and developing skills on a variety of different terrains. Our activity team spend many hours over the season creating and maintaining our off-road skill tracks suitable for beginner to advanced levels – ideal for development and coaching. Campers are split into small ability groups to ensure maximum enjoyment and participation. For the grand finale, remaining in their smaller groups, campers set off on ‘the big ride down the mountain’! – with different tracks to suit the different abilities for maximum enjoyment. Our mountain biking specialist activity leaders, who hold the CTC Trail Leader Award, are well-versed in both group and personal mountain biking and strive to uphold the standards of AdventureMark and Camp Suisse whilst ensuring that maximum enjoyment is had by all!


IMG_2090 (427x640)We have two superb camping venues. Campers enjoy a hike to our picturesque Alpine outpost, starting at Camp Suisse, through some fine Swiss scenery, guided by our trusty activity leaders and of course the distinctive bells of the roaming Swiss cows, who we will often come face-to-face with along the way!  There is an additional option to hike to the French border where it is possible to get a further glimpse of the Val d’Abondance – part of one of Europe’s largest ski areas, Les Portes du Soleil. There is always plenty of fun to be had on our camping trips with BBQ dining and camp fire games galore! 



Indoor Climbing Wall

IMG_3414 (640x427)We make full use of our 9m indoor climbing wall fitted with state of the art auto-belay devices. In rain, hail or shine this activity is always one of the favourites. Campers learn basic climbing techniques and get to challenge themselves physically and mentally in a safe and secure environment. Games are incorporated into each session to ensure campers are laughing and learning at the same time. The wall can also be used to practise belay techniques and rope skills to improve the outdoor rock climbing experience too.


DSC_1209 (640x427)We have fantastic, on-site archery facilities here at Camp Suisse for indoor or outdoor archery. We cater to a range of different ages and abilities. Our goal is to develop our campers’ skills in a safe and fun learning environment. We coach all our campers with technique, the correct use of the equipment and safety ‘rules of the range’ to ensure the best environment for development, whilst meeting our AdventureMark standards. Let’s not forget about the unlimited number of games we play (did somebody say ‘the cutlery game’?) captivating campers’ imaginations whilst practising and developing their skills.

Ghyll Scrambling

IMG_2358 (427x640)Prepare to get wet! Using our local ghyll (stream/river), campers have to negotiate their way over both natural and man-made (by the Camp Suisse activity team of course!) obstacles. Campers and staff alike enjoy this activity as there are many opportunities for splashing – particularly for campers to “get their own back” on their group leaders! You will have to make your way through tyres, over bridges and see-saws and along ropes whilst navigating the twists and turns in the water course.





Mountain Adventure Sessions

MADOur Mountain Adventure Sessions teach campers a variety of valuable bushcraft skills including how to make a shelter, build a fire, cook on a camping stove as well as source food and water. The sessions also give lots of fun facts about nature (do you know what sphagnum moss was used for in the Crimean War?). Our survival skill classes will be sure to unleash your inner Bear Grylls! In addition our navigation and orienteering sessions aim to develop and improve competences in map reading, compass bearing and pacing using the best of the local Alpine landscape.


IMG_5307 (427x640)Hiking is favourite pastime in any mountainous area in the world and Camp Suisse is no different. We are very lucky to have many unspoilt, stunning walks and hikes with breath-taking views of the surrounding Alpine area. All of our hikes are great fun with games, challenges and nature awareness thrown in throughout each adventurous journey.




Olympic Day

Prepare your flag, paint your face, learn the national anthem and light the torch….it’s Olympics time! Divided up into teams and allocated a country, campers play a range of daring, silly and good old-fashioned fun games, accumulating points and competing in the true Olympic spirit.

Being so close to the headquarters of the Olympic movement, where better to run our very own Olympics than at Camp Suisse!!

Sports Coaching

With the most picturesque football pitch in Europe we would be silly not to incorporate sports coaching into our program. Throughout each week campers have the opportunity to be involved in sports coaching sessions in football, basketball, hockey and volleyball and more. The sessions are structured and can take place either during the day or as an evening activity.

Then there is the staff v camper football match. Always a close contest…..if the campers go easy on us!


Team Building Games

An integral part to building teamwork and communication skills, campers take part in some of our Activities department’s latest initiatives. These include themed pathways such as ‘Moving Mountains‘ and ‘Ultimate Survivor‘.  These sessions act as crucial ice-breakers, bolstering team spirit and helping all campers form new friendships, whilst learning something new!



We also have a range of art-based and creative activities, such as art jamming and movie making that campers can choose to undertake during their time with us.

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