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End of Season!

9th August 2013

We all hope you have had an enjoyable stay here at Camp Suisse!
It has been a privilege for all the staff to have the opportunity to meet such vibrant and fantastic kids and be able to share such experiences with them. We cannot explain in words how rewarding this has been for all of the staff here at Camp Suisse!!
Have a safe and smooth journey home.
Hope to see you in Summer 2014!


Saturday – all colours

3rd August 2013

An unusual day awaited our campers, mixed with a sense of bitterness as some very early goodbyes had to be made for those campers leaving us after this first week. While numbers might have reduced, the daily routine still remained largely untouched. A post-breakfast tidying of rooms was in order, followed by sports and languages as usual. The afternoon was spent in a rather chilled-out fashion with all of the campers being led to the football pitch via a rather more scenic route than usual so as to allow the campers to wath various stages of ‘Torgonabike’ which had been taking place all weekend. Upon arrival at the football pitch, still surrounded by the mountain bike tracks and competitors, the campers were left with the option to get involved with frisbee, football, or rounders. A brief dash of rain did not dampen any spirits as the campers enjoyed a chance to let their hair down on a less activity-driven afternoon. Shower hour and dinner ensued as always, before the Reds and Blues set about expressing their creative sides in ‘Arts & Crafts’ during their evening activities, while the Greens and Yellows split themselves between indoor football and the belting tunes of the hip hop dance lesson being hosted by Head of Colour, Tiff. 

Yellow and Whites camping!

24th July 2013

As session two comes to a close, the Yellow and White group headed off to Torgon Ski Club lodge where the camping (glamping) trip got underway. The group left base in the afternoon ready to tackle a 3-4 hour hike up the mountain. Upon arrival, everyone settled in and then walked to the Swiss/French border overlooking the French town Chatel. The views from the border were nothing but stunning! Sausages and burgers were then served prior to roasting marshmallows in front of a camp fire. Camp fire fun and games began with a Camp Suisse talent show as all campers put on a fine display of creative acts and performances. A short yet comical impressionist show was also given by staff as they imitated their group members. However, campers then got their own back as it was their turn to imitate the staff- a hilarious end to a great night!

Whites and Greens take on Dracula and Bananas!

23rd July 2013

It was another super sunny day at Camp Suisse. After kids had finished their language and sports it was time for the delicious lunch buffet. After the White group had filled their bellies – it was time to go banana boating! The weather seemed to be kind to us as the group headed down the mountain with the Green Group. After dividing into groups everyone had their turn at riding the banana boat. Everyone enjoyed the banana boating and not a single group member avoided falling off of the banana boat or the afternoon rain shower. Although, noone seemed to notice that it was raining, since they were busy playing in the water or eating ice cream. The White group managed to get back just in time for shower hour and the long awaited trip to Jaky’s Discount shop. After everyone had stocked up with local goodies and ate dinner, it was time for Dracula Hunt. The hunt took place at the football pitch, which had been invaded by different sorts of monsters and helpers. The groups managed to save the day by getting rid of the King of the dammed, Dracula!

Greens take up camp for the night followed by Banana Boating!

Waking up to the sunrise yesterday morning, a beautiful day began!  Sports and languages lessons in the morning: I played basketball with some of the campers, Sadio Fenner from the Green group lead a great team of three Blue campers helping them learn the rules of the game and their skills on the court.  After lunch we got our overnight kit together and hiked to the camping site.  Jenna, Helene, Carma, Tobi and myself all sang songs along the way and I even taught Carma the phoenetic alphabet! Once we arrived at camping, we split into two groups: James, Katie, Shona and Gemma walked to the French border with 22 campers.  Matt, MC, Marie, and myself helped the the other 20 adventurers collect wood for the campfire that night.  Lucas and his friends were chief gatherers until we had a really large pile of various sized fuel for the fire. Dinner was a BBQ outside with the beautiful scenery down the valley from Torgon.  Later when the sun was setting Marie and Gemma from the Acitivities team lit a campfire and all the campers sang songs including the Animal fair song, the Tarzan song and the Crocodile song.  Deni especially loved the Tarzan song with the banana peeling line at the end!
As a treat we had a little bit of the later night and lights out was at 10.30pm! Breakfast was served outside too, at 8.30am: we had cereal, beans and toast refuelling before heading back down to Camp Suisse to repack, have buffet lunch then go banana boating!  The white group came banana boating with the Greens! All who were keen had a ride on the banana, it was great fun with the sun shining and everybody smiling! Amelia and Sophie had a blast splashing into the water off the banana.

-Nicky, Head of Colour


White and Yellows test their limits

22nd July 2013

Today the White and Yellow groups had an amazing time off the mountain at Parc Aventure. The two groups joined together to have fun swinging from the tree tops on the various ropes courses. After everyone was briefed and kitted out with the harnesses, the groups rushed off excitedly to try out the “easier” yellow and green routes. The braver and more advanced tackled the harder blue and red routes. Kenji and Harry were like little monkeys scampering through the branches and Jordan was giving everyone some hints and tips as they went around, being a great mentor to anyone in difficulty. Although there were some minor mishaps everyone bravely tested their limits and overcame their fear of heights. Even Kai the night guard was giving it a go who is petrified of heights.  The highlight of the day seemed to be the 250m long zip wire. Everyone was flying across it and rushing back to do it again. Parc Aventure was a real hit with the Whites and Yellows. 


21st July 2013

The sun shone down on camp this Sunday making it a lovely day for the annual session 2 Camp Suisse Olympics. All the campers were split into teams after lunch with a country allocated to each team.Then, in camp Olympic tradition, it was time to paint flags on faces and banners (some flags such as Brazil and Kenya gave some countries more of an artistic challenge) and made up some war chants for each country as they prepared to compete. Then it was off to the football field for a variety of games from where campers would be able to demonstrate their skill, speed and strength such as 3 legged race, sack race and the bean bag toss. Some officials debated as signs of possible cheating were shown in the egg and spoon race but in sporting spirit the teams were only penalised their points rather than excluded. After the games it was onto everyone’s favourite… the chant off!! This involves each country demonstrating their own personalised Olympic chant with renditions of ‘Call Me Maybe’ from team Japan and the Lion King from team Kenya. However, the winners of the day with the most enthusiasm for each activity and their team country was….. AUSTRAILIA!!! The worthy winners were announced during dinner with Ireland and USA taking second and third. After dinner it was time for the language talent show where campers demonstrated songs, dances and plays for the rest of the camp. The most entertaining award of the night was given to Bart and his group.

Mid-Session Chilling!

20th July 2013

Today started in a chilled-out fashion with campers and staff enjoying a one hour lie-in followed by a leisurely breakfast. We all then embarked upon a ‘big clean’, leaving bedrooms looking spotless.Language lessons were in full flow from 11am with campers rehearsing for the talent show tomorrow evening. Some groups were heard enthusiastically practicing songs, others rehearsing plays but some groups were keeping their talent show plans a surprise until tomorrow’s eagerly-awaited event. At lunch we welcomed some new arrivals to the camp from Moscow and we all then posed for camp photos, some serious and some funny with piggy backs and wheelbarrows featuring among some groups! All groups then prepared themselves for a leisurely hike, starting with a sea of red t-shirts crossing the suspension bridge which was rocking from side to side! We then took a stroll through the forest to the football pitch where we took part in a variety of activities whilst enjoying the sunshine. Both campers and staff enjoyed making friendship bracelets and others engaged in a friendly kick-about in preparation for this evening’s “staff versus campers” football match… (Sports coaches were feeling particularly competitive in an attempt to keep their pride in the next football coaching session!) A great time was had by all today and at dinner campers were refreshed and revitalised after a little relaxation, ready to embark upon a second fun-filled week at camp….!

White group rocks it in Montreux!

18th July 2013

To start off the day all the groups attended their daily routine of sports and language classes. It’s after lunch when the real fun begins! 

The White group set down the mountain for some rock climbing. They were divided into 4 groups and with their informative briefing from the activity leaders they had no trouble belaying each other up the rock. Everyone was feeling cheery, where not even the slighted rain stopped people from climbing, that when told it was time to leave Aidan and Harry still wanted to continue. Next it was time for Montreux Jazz Festival. In smaller groups the whites were strolling amongst the stalls, inspecting everything the jazz festival festival had to offer. Most of the girls bought matching bracelets and necklaces. The boys were into ‘finally’ getting some proper ice-cream. After gathering everyone together in the midst of the festival it was time for the white group to head back to Camp Suisse for a late supper.


White group do a bit of mountain biking!

17th July 2013

Today the White group had an exciting afternoon mountain biking with Chris, Marie and Ingrid. As we set off after lunch on the mini bus to Plan de Croix, the sky became dark and thundery clouds started to gather around the mountain. Despite the rumbles of thunder and rain the white group had fun trying out their mountain biking skills. They tested their balance and stability through some fun games. The groups then tested their abilities through trying the different mountain bike routes; going over obstacles and whizzing around tight corners. Duncan did extremely well after overcoming his fear of cycling. By the end he was flying down the routes. The groups then came back down to Torgon, the advanced campers taking the more complicated route down the mountain. Many were asking to do it again because they enjoyed it so much!

-Eilidh, Group Leader