The Ed-Venture Award

The Camp Suisse Ed-Venture Award is a progressive outdoor education program, aimed at providing pupils a well-rounded and developmental journey. 

Schools have a choice of 6 different modules, each with its own unique subjects to pick from. Each subject contains three age appropriate levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. This allows the Ed-Venture Award to run right from Reception at Bronze level up to Gold, in Years 6-8.


The Bronze, Silver and Gold awards enable us to tailor the aims and objectives of each session to each year group, providing room for consistent and continued personal growth and development. The aims and objectives encourage values such as responsibility, teamwork, and a social conscience.

The Certificate


Each child will receive a personalised certificate, which will be updated with stamps throughout their time at Camp. This allows students, teachers and families to take pride in their achievements and track progress as they grow.


Camp Suisse promotes a Plan – Do – Review approach. This encourages pupils to be a part of their own learning, inputting plans alongside their teachers and instructor.



Children will take their achievements home and to school allowing opportunity for further reflection. Records can be retained ready for the next Ed-Venture.




The Ed-Venture Award will form the foundation of each Camp Suisse experience your student participates in, providing a progressive outdoor learning experience!