Camp Journal

White Group Tennis Tournament

23rd July 2012

The White group were greeted with a cloudless sky this morning so after a cheery breakfast all were excited to take part in their last session of tennis with Oli. All group members competed in a doubles tournament, which saw Lou Lou and Marius winning the title in a hotly fought contest with Matt and Jordan in the final. The final itself was spectated by the whole group, with everyone fulfilling a role such as ball boy/girl, umpire or line judge. 


Lunch arrived soon enough and after a succulent fish finger sandwich the white group set off for a fun filled afternoon at Parc Aventure.  The group clambered up ladders, swung across ropes and ziplined through the trees all at 20 metres off the ground. 

After chicken drum sticks and karaoke night, the clear night sky revealing the blanket of stars indicates that tomorrow should be another fabulously clear day, but the Whites will be sure to take their SPF with them on tomorrow’s adventure as temperatures are predicted to reach 29 degrees. 

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