Camp Journal

Souvenir book 2016 !!!!

5th November 2016

We are super-excited to announce that the summer 2016 souvenir book is now available to view and download. Check out what we did last summer in the Souvenir books section of our site! There is a limited edition print run for 2016 participants, email us at

Session 4 – Day Five – Yellow Group

12th August 2016

The campers awoke on their last full day at camp to blue skies and bright sunshine.

After breakfast, our campers got helmeted up and set off for a morning of mountain biking, cycling up and down the beautiful mountain tracks.

After a revitalising lunch, our campers filed into their language classes, ready for their last lesson of the session. Unfortunately, the second one had to be cut slightly short, as it was time to immortalise the week with some camp photos. Everyone looked so glamorous in their Camp Suisse polo shirts!

It was then Shower Hour and packing time, then dinner and finally… Disco, disco, disco!

Yellow Group danced their hearts out to the make the most of their last night here. What a fantastic session our campers spent together!

Moutain biking on our last day!

Moutain biking on our last day!

Session 4 – Day Three/Four – Yellow Group

11th August 2016

The Yellow Group started the day with a lot of packing, getting ready for climbing and then hiking up to and spending the night at camping. In the climbing wall they learned how to put on a harness and check its safety before learning how to climb and making it up to the top.

After a hot lunch and a quick kit check, we set off hiking. The older campers were paired with the younger campers in order to help them and gain some responsibility. They all made it up to camping in great time.

We then had a BBQ dinner and set off on a hike up to the French border with the promise off chocolate stuffed bananas after as a motivator.

After a comfy nights sleep we set off back down the mountain, meeting some cows and goats on the way.

We then had some time for showers before lunch and then headed to our classes to learn some more languages. This was followed by shower hour, dinner and whole-camp bingo then it was time for bed!

What a busy and exciting couple of days at Camp Suisse!



Rock Climbing!


Whole Camp Camping Trip!

Session 4 – Day Three and Four – Green Group

Green Group had a fantastic night camping in the stunning Swiss Alps!

On Tuesday morning, Green Group went on the climbing wall before lunch. After lunch, there was a quick kit check and then our campers began on their three hour hike to the Alpine Refuge Centre.

Once our campers had arrived, they had some free time to settle in, followed by a delicious dinner- a barbecue! Burgers (veggie and otherwise), sausages and wedges were served.

After dinner, Green Group walked up to the border of France! It was a quick French visit for Green Group and afterwards, they were back in time for a dessert of bananas with melted chocolate.

During the evening, camp stories were shared before our campers headed to bed.

The next morning, our campers made their way back down the mountain for showers before lunch and then language classes in the afternoon. What a fabulous day for Green Group!

Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Alpine Refuge Centre; Camping

On our way to the Alpine Refuge!



Session 4 – Day Three and Four – Blue Group

Today was an exciting day for Blue Group: it was a day for camping adventures! First, our campers had their language lessons, in which they learned new vocabulary, grammar, and played games to practise their speaking skills.

After a delicious hot lunch, it was time to head off on a hike to the Alpine Refuge Centre for  a night of camping. Our campers enjoyed the hike through the beautiful mountains of Portes du Soleil, and we reached the site around 4 pm. Campers were shown their rooms for the night then played some team-building games before heading to dinner. On the menu were some delicious burgers, potato wedges, sausages, and salad.

After dinner, our campers headed off to do another hike, this time to the French border. Everyone seemed very excited to be in France and Switzerland at the same time.

In the morning, campers had a yummy breakfast and then walked back down to Camp Suisse. Once at camp, our campers had some time to have a shower before sitting down for a hot lunch.

After lunch, our campers learned valuable survival skills, like how to make a fire, how to set a hammock and how to filter water.

Our campers then spent the evening playing bingo! Two fantastic days in all!

Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Alpine Refuge Centre; Hiking

Walking up to the Alpine Refuge Centre!

Session 4 – Day Three and Four – Red Group

Red Group started the day with language classes, where they demonstrated the progress that they had made.

After a fantastic hot lunch, our campers prepared for their two hour hike up to the Alpine Refuge Centre. They beat the rain and played games and feasted on a barbecue dinner, before settling in front of a log fire to warm up!

The excitement of sleeping in a new place meant that Red Group were full of energy on Wednesday morning, ready for their hike back down to camp.

Our campers took a much-needed shower, and then proceeded to spend the afternoon making fires, building hammocks and shelters, and filtering water.

After dinner, Red Group had a well-deserved relaxing evening playing bingo!


Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Bush craft; Survival skills

Learning some survival skills!

Session 4 – Day Two – Yellow Group

9th August 2016

It was an early start for the campers this morning and our campers were awake early enough to see the beautiful sunrise over the mountains!

Our campers ate breakfast with blurry eyes, before lathering on suncream and jumping on the bus to… Glacier 3000!

To get to the glacier, they rode two cable cars and a chairlift! Once they had arrived, our campers found husky dogs were waiting for them to give them a sled ride. Our campers then rode back up on the chairlift to ride the highest alpine roller-coaster in the world.

After lunch, and a trip to the viewing point, they hopped back on the bus to Villeneuve. Once at Villeneuve, our campers got to play on the diving boards, swim in the pool, play ping pong or just relax in the sun.

After a great afternoon, it was time to head back to camp for Shower Hour and dinner, followed by hot chocolate and a film to round off the evening. What an exciting day!

Session 4 2016; Glacier 3000; Husky dog sledding

Our campers got to meet the husky dogs!


Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Lake Geneva

Spending some quality time on Lake Geneva!

Session 4 – Day Two – Green Group

The Green Group had quite an early start to the day as they prepared to depart for the stunning Les Diablerets Glacier. Breakfast was served at 6.15 am to a lot of sleepy campers!

Luckily, the sun was shining, with not a cloud in sight. The campers enjoyed an amazing view of the surrounding mountains at 3000 m. The campers got to play in the snow, and they even got to go husky dog sledding! Afterwards, they were given the opportunity to play with (and take photos with) the dogs!

Our campers then made their way back to the bus, to head out for a relaxing and fun time swimming in the pool at Villeneuve, which lies on Geneva Lake. Green Group had a fantastic time there, using the diving boards and basking in the beautiful summer sunshine.

In the evening, Green Group returned for a tasty dinner. The group then spent their evening watching a film with fine hot chocolate.

Session 4 2016; Glacier 3000

The views at Glacier 3000 are stunning!


Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Lake Geneva; Diving board

The diving board at Lake Geneva was a hit!

Session 4 – Day Two – Blue Group

Today was one of the best days for Blue Group: it was the day of their trip to Glacier 3000, followed by a trip to the Villeneuve Swimming Pool.

After a very early breakfast, our campers jumped on the bus, ready to have a fantastic day! Once at the glacier, and after taking two cable cars, our campers enjoyed the husky dog sledding, and were even able to get a ride on the Alpine Roller-Coaster, the world’s highest roller-coaster. After a delicious packed lunch, our campers were shown the fantastic view from the top of the glacier on a walk along the Sky Bridge.

After taking in the stunning views, our campers then headed to the Villeneuve Swimming Pool, which is an outdoor swimming pool located on the beautiful Lake Geneva. Campers then spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and lake, relaxing in the sun and trying the diving boards.

After a delicious dinner, our campers then spent the rest of the evening watching a film and enjoying a well-deserved hot chocolate.

What an amazing day for Blue Group!

Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Glacier 3000; Ski lift

On a ski lift, climbing up to the glacier!


Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Lake Geneva

Back flips off the diving board in Villeneuve!

Session 4 – Day Two – Red Group

Today was a fabulous day for Red Group, despite the early wake up call at 5.45 am. Our campers visited Glacier 3000 and went sledding, husky dog sledding, and admired the beautiful panoramic views by walking along the suspension bridge.

After lunch, we headed back down the mountain to Villeneuve Swimming Pool to cool down in the lake and pool, and try the diving boards.

In the evening, our campers relaxed with a cup of hot chocolate and a film.

Session 4 2016; Glacier 3000; Sledding

We loved sledding!


Camp Suisse Session 4 2016; Villeneuve Swimming Pools

At Villeneuve Swimming Pool!