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Camp Suisse : La solution à la Staycation cet été !

28th May 2020

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que Camp Suisse ouvrira ses portes pour cinq semaines cet été : du samedi 11 juillet au vendredi 14 août.

Camp Suisse 2020 sera la parfaite opportunité pour votre enfant de profiter des grands espaces, dans un environnement de sécurité. C’est notre ambition cet été de remplir les jours avec encore plus d’activités.

En même temps, nous mettrons en ouvre des mesures pour assurer la conformité à la réglementation Suisse à propos du COVID-19.

De plus, pour nos campeurs Suisses et de l’Europe Occidental, puisque COVID-19 a rendu les voyages internationaux plus compliqué, Camp Suisse propose une bonne solution pour la Staycation !

Réservez la place de votre enfant, avec l’annulation gratuite jusqu’au 30 juin.

En savoir plus >


Join the Camp Suisse Catering Team this Summer!

4th March 2020

Camp Suisse is on the search for ambitious, highly motivated individuals to join the catering team this summer.

Based in the spectacular Swiss Alps, we run international summer camps for over one thousand kids and teens aged 7 to 17, from May through to August. With so many hungry mouths to feed, we require dedicated, ambitious and motivated individuals to work in our catering department. We are on the search for chefs and catering assistants to join our kitchen, which is run by our dynamic and charismatic Head Chef, Helen, and Catering Manager, Ellie. This is an excellent summer opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience. Many of our staff return year after year, creating a family atmosphere among the team.

You will be exposed to all aspects of our busy kitchens, your duties will include:

• Food prep (including starters, packed lunches and breakfast)
• Pot wash (including operating industrial dishwasher and washing and drying equipment by hand)
• Maintain cleanliness of kitchen and service areas
• Offer support and assistance to chefs as required

In addition to in-resort training and uniform, we will provide you with:

• A competitive salary
• Accommodation for duration of contract
• All meals for duration of contract
• In-resort insurance
• Discretionary option to enjoy Camp excursions and activities on days off.

You will work split shifts which will give you ample time to explore our stunning local area. We’re based at an altitude of 1000m up in the mountains, where activities such as mountain biking, hiking and climbing are available. If you’re after more relaxing days off, Lake Geneva is a short journey away, where there are lively towns such as Vevey and Montreux (which hosts the awesome Montreux Jazz Festival in early July – not to be missed!).


A Word from our Catering Manager

Camp Suisse is one of the best summer camps out there, not only do the children have an amazing time, but the staff do too. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ve grown so much as a person because of it. What could be better than working in the Swiss Alps!

Ellie – Catering Manager (joined Camp Suisse in 2017)



To apply, you must be a UK, EU, or EFTA national, or hold a permit to work in the EU and have been integrated for at least one year in the EU or EFTA labour market.

Application Process

Step One – Submit an Online Application

Fill out and submit your application using our online application form. This will then be reviewed, and we will be in touch via email to inform you whether or not you have been shortlisted for interview. 

Step Two – First-round Interviews

If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to select a time for a preliminary Skype interview with one of our Directors. Following your interview, we will be in touch to let you know if we have decided to progress your application. 

Step Three – Second-round Interviews 

If successful in the first round interview, you’ll be invited to a second  Skype interview.

Step Four – Job Offer

If we decide you’re who we’re looking for, we’ll be in touch with your Job Offer via email.

Step Five – Welcome to the Team! 

once your references and paperwork are all in order, it will be time for you to come and join us in Switzerland for an awesome summer!


Start your application today

Customer Testimonial ‰- Justine LK

10th April 2015

Justine is British with a Danish husband and her four children, although British, have also lived abroad as well as travelling extensively. That makes them a truly international family and gives Justine an ideal point of view from which to judge Camp Suisse’s appeal to families from all around the world.

Hi Justine, thanks so much for talking to us today. Tell me, which of your children have stayed at Camp Suisse? 

All four of my children have, at some stage, stayed at Camp Suisse. The first time they all went, in 2009, they were 13, 11, 9 and 6.  The following time I believe was in 2011 and my second oldest and youngest attended, then in 2013, the two youngest went. Every year the kids ask to go but often school trips get in the way so make it impossible!

Why did you choose Camp Suisse?  

Primarily we were attracted to the language lessons as our children had lived in Monaco for 2 years and attended a French school.  It was important to us that the kids kept their language skills going. In addition, as our kids are all very sporty the range of different activities offered appealed to all of us.  And finally, the high number of international students attending was of great appeal.  Our family is very international and we like our children to mix with kids from all countries.  We have always wanted our children to feel that being in an international environment is the norm and to be accepting of other cultures and traditions.

What advantages does it have compared to other camps?  

Location was always a great advantage for us and the initial attraction.  Once we saw how happy the children were and how friendly the staff were there seemed little point in looking to go elsewhere. As we saw how much the children enjoyed the camp, the reasons we sent them to Camp Suisse became less about just the language tuition and more about the friendliness, location and activities.

What do your kids like about it?  

I think they like the camaraderie and activities.  They always come back raving about this mentor or that mentor, this child from that country and what fun they had.  Fun levels seem to be very high and there is obviously lots of laughter!  They also love the outings.

Was the decision to go to Camp Suisse made more by you or your children?

Initially, it was a decision made by us, but all the activities and trips offered by Camp Suisse made it pretty easy for us to ‘sell’ the idea to the kids. After they attended the first year it was almost a given that they would go if they could.

Are your kids going back to Camp Suisse this year?  

We’re just now in the process of looking at the summer diary with the kids. Our eldest is now 18 and is just about to contact Julie and Richard about him returning this year as a mentor as he has experience with children and is now a qualified tennis coach, football coach and speaks fluent French, Spanish and English. He has very fond memories of Camp Suisse and has always wanted to return in a mentor capacity. Our second oldest is already booked to do work experience but the two youngest are both keen to return, although it depends how it works out logistically.

Have you got any other comments or feedback that you think would be of interest?  

I think Camp Suisse do a great job, hence why my children keep returning in one shape or another!

Camp Suisse is one of the top international summer camps in Europe for teens and younger children. If you would like your kids to get to know children from a range of different cultures in a safe, entertaining and educational environment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


The Camp Mentor Programme

10th March 2015

Calling all past campers aged 16-18 – we still have spaces for this summer’s Camp Mentor Programme!

This is a development programme aimed at ex-campers aged 16-18 who, after experiencing life as a camper, would like to take on more responsibility at Camp Suisse.

The Camp Mentor Programme starts at pre-season staff training week (28th June 2015). During this week mentors will undertake a large majority of the staff training, including orientation and induction courses, basic first aid, activity and leadership training, the Camp Suisse ‘Child Protection’ qualification and more.

Once our young campers have arrived for the session, our mentors will leap into action alongside the rest of the team. Duties include assisting Group Leaders and Language Teachers with their daily routines, supporting staff with activities, helping with campers, and learning about the inner workings of day-to-day life at Camp Suisse.

Camp mentors can look forward to gaining first-hand experience leading and assisting younger campers in activity sessions as well as invaluable work experience in a professional educational environment. As with all our campers and staff alike, we are committed to developing leadership skills as well as teaching new hard and soft skills.

Mentors have the opportunity, where appropriate, to assist with language classes and to work with our younger campers contributing positively to their pastoral care, welfare and to their enjoyment at camp, and sharing their own experiences from their time as a camper.

If you’re an interested past camper aged 16+ you can apply for our mentor scheme. For more information please contact us via

Staff Focus – Activity Leader Rosie

Name: Rosie

Age: 26

Nationality: British

Languages: English & French

Role: Activity Leader

Qualifications: BASI Level 3 (ISIA) Ski, BASI Level 1 Snowboard, SPA (climbing), CTC Trail Cycle Leader (mountain biking), Level 3 Mountain Safety, Summer Mountain Leader (trained).


Summer 2015 will be Rosie’s sixth summer as a staff member at Camp Suisse. After joining as Group Leader back in summer 2010 Rosie has developed into a key member of the Camp Suisse team; a strong leader amongst her peers and much loved by all the campers. Whether its running rock climbing sessions, leading groups on the glacier or dancing the night away at the Camp Suisse disco, Rosie’s tireless energy is very much appreciated by everyone at Camp Suisse.

Why did you start to work for Camp Suisse?

After spending much of my life in the Lake District in the UK and the French Alps, I was looking for something to do in the summer that incorporated my two passions; working in the outdoors and working with kids and teens. It seemed like the perfect fit.

What brings you back each summer?

No two summers are ever the same. Camp Suisse, the programme and the people are constantly developing and evolving and I like the fact I am part of something that just keeps getting better and better. Each summer I further develop my skills, gain more experience, meet new people and get to work with kids and teens in a truly inspiring environment.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Well, apart from seeing the familiar faces back at camp again obviously, the new look Juniors’ and Seniors’ programmes are very exciting. I think giving the Seniors more freedom to enjoy the activities they want to pursue can only be a positive thing. I am also looking forward to further developing some of the activities, including the girls’ climbing night, as well as my people management skills with the Activities Team. Hopefully I will also be ticking off my Summer Mountain Leader assessment too before the summer has ended.

What do you do to fill the winter months?

Believe it or not I am in my eighth season as a ski and snowboard instructor at the Ecole Suisse de Ski right here in Torgon. I love this part of the world. I find both the summer and winter roles really complement each other. Over the years I have gained a really good understanding of the area, the environment and the conditions, the activities on offer and of course the people. This all comes in really handy.

And the future…?

Who knows? I do know that it involves working with people in the outdoors. In this day and age of endless technology I love sharing my passion with young people and getting them involved in a healthy, active lifestyle; whether it be skiing, climbing, mountain biking or just a walk in the hills. There is something for everyone in this part of the world regardless of skill level or experience. I still have some qualifications I want to obtain to further develop my skill set and my ability to work with groups in the mountains. This week I have the pleasure of teaching a disabled group to ski and I absolutely love it!

Separate Junior and Senior Programmes at Camp Suisse

This summer (2015) will see the introduction of separate Juniors’ (ages 7-11), and Seniors’ (ages 12-17) programmes during the same camp session at Camp Suisse. Separate programmes will enable us to continue our commitment to the watchful and dedicated close supervision of the younger campers, while allowing the older campers to have greater personal responsibility in their day-to-day camp life.

The Juniors’ programme will still have small group sizes of 5-8 campers and be a closely supervised journey through the Camp Suisse experience. We will continue to strive to meet the individual needs of our young campers; ensuring they have the trip of a lifetime with us in the safest possible environment.

The Seniors’ programme will still also be divided up into age specific groups for their day to day activities as early adolescents (ages 12 – 14) and our oldest campers (ages 15-17). With more distant supervision, the Seniors’ programme will allow older campers to explore their talents and grow as young adults amongst friends.

The early adolescent programme (ages 12 -14) has been created to find the right balance between allowing campers who are more proficient in certain activities to flourish whilst allowing the less proficient to still be nurtured and educated.

The Seniors’ programme for our oldest campers (ages 15 – 17) is all about taking on more responsibility in their day-to-day camp life, acting as leaders and role models to our younger campers while challenging them in a safe, structured environment.

You can read more about the separate programmes here.

Camp Mentor Program at Camp Suisse

11th December 2014

What is it?

The Camp Suisse Camp Mentor Program is a development programme aimed at ex-campers aged 16-19 who would like to take on a certain level of responsibility at Camp Suisse.

How did it come about?

The mentor programme started back in 2010 in response to growing demand from parents for older campers to return to camp as employees. Whilst our recruitment policies would prevent us from offering paid employment to a youngster under 19, we felt that these young people who had first hand experience of CS and who had matured and developed within our systems had a lot to offer the young campers in our care.

What’s involved?

Camp Mentors are highly valued members of the Camp Suisse team and start their journey at the pre-season staff training week. Mentors undertake a large majority of the staff training, including orientation courses, basic first aid, activity and leadership training, the Camp Suisse ‘Child Protection’ qualification and more. The training period at camp is an exciting time to learn and to discover new skills,  as well as to meet the many new people who make up the Camp Suisse experience.

Once our young campers have arrived for the session, our mentors leap into action alongside the rest of the team. Duties induced assisting staff (mainly Group Leaders) with their daily jobs, supporting staff on activities, helping with campers and learning the inner workings of the day-to-day life at Camp Suisse. Our mentors have a unique insight into the operations of camp and can sometimes act as a bridge between campers and staff.

Who should apply.. and how?

To be a Camp Mentor requires the same qualities as expected of Camp Suisse staff: energy, maturity and flexibility, team players with a positive attitude toward both staff and campers. This is the very reason that the programme has been strictly by invitation only to past campers who we believe have made a positive contribution to camp life during their time at Camp Suisse.

An interested ex-camper aged 16+ can apply for the mentor scheme and would provide a letter of motivation outlining why they were interested in the scheme and what contribution they expect to make to the Camp Suisse team. Once accepted at this stage, parental consent is established and dates finalised. (Maximum eight weeks.)

What does it cost?

The scheme is payable, but at a much reduced fee, around £2000 / 3000 CHF for a maximum of 8 weeks. This fee represents a contribution from parents towards accommodation, food and activities.

What do our mentors get out of the program?

Camp mentors can look forward to gaining first-hand experience leading and assisting younger campers in activity sessions as well as invaluable work experience in a professional educational environment. As with all our campers and staff alike, we are committed to developing leadership skills as well as teaching new hard and soft skills. Mentors have the opportunity where appropriate to assist with language classes and to work with our younger campers contributing positively their pastoral care, welfare and to their enjoyment of the camp, even sharing their experiences from their time as a camper.

For more information about the mentor program or any other events at Camp Suisse please contact us via

The Charitable Causes we Support

17th October 2014

Enriching the lives of our campers is one of our core aims here at International Camp Suisse. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging them to get involved in raising money for various charities. Each of the causes we support has been carefully picked, either due to a personal connection with the camp or for its relevance to the children who stay with us.

Andrew Woinarski School Foundation

Andrew was a close friend of our camp director, Richard Young, and had a keen interest in helping children in underdeveloped areas across Asia where he spent a great deal of his time. The foundation set up in his memory works with different charities to help build schools for young children in remote and underfunded areas.

Working in partnership with the charity Child’s Dream, the Andrew Woinarski School Foundation has funded six schools that now educate nearly 750 students across Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Suranna’s Stepping Stone

Suranna’s family have a long association with Camp Suisse, with her grandfather having been one of our very first employees having volunteered with us on the very first summer we opened!

Suranna has Cerebral Palsy Diplegia (CPD), which prevents signals from brain being transmitted correctly to the legs of those with the condition. Those affected are unable to walk unassisted, but a revolutionary operation only available in the USA offers the chance to significantly improve the symptoms of people with CPD.

Unfortunately, the NHS don’t provide funding for this, so Suranna’s family set out to raise the money from sponsorships and charitable donations. We were happy to play our part in the fund-raising and are thrilled to report that the necessary target has now been reached!

Joining Jack

At just six years old, Jack Johnson is still a little younger than our youngest campers, but he’s already living with a terminal illness – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD affects roughly 1 in every 3,500 boys, making it one of the world’s most common fatal genetic disorders. It is a muscle wasting disease that usually starts to affect children at around the age of 5, leaves most patients reliant on a wheelchair by the time they are 12 and generally results in death by the age of 30.

When Jack’s parents found out about his diagnosis, they decided to set up a charity to help raise money for Jack and others like him, to put towards researching effective treatments for this devastating and incurable disease.

Juan Condori

Juan is a young man living in Bolivia who we have been sponsoring for over 8 years through the charity Plan UK. As well as offering financial support to Juan, we also swap letters with him and send him regular gifts.

To find out more about the causes we support, the ways we raise money for them and how you can help, please get in touch by sending us an email or calling +44 845 5191 031.

Be the Next Byron and Get Inspired at Chateau de Chillon

9th June 2014

There’s more to Camp Suisse than all our fun outdoor activities and language lessons, we’ve got loads of great cultural excursions too. One of which is the Chateau de Chillon in an amazing location on the shores of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps. The scenery is absolutely stunning and there is loads to learn about its history and connection to the arts. Read on to see what it’s got in store.


The site of the chateau has been occupied since the bronze-age and has gone through many changes over the years. Back in the 12th Century it was home to the Counts of Savoy, which marks one of the three major periods of influence on the castle. The Bernese then took over the castle in 1536 and used it as a fortress, arsenal and prison for over 260 years with many structural changes taking place to optimise the castle for the latest advances in weaponry.The castle then entered the final Vaudois Period after the Vaudois Revolution in 1798 which initially saw the castle used as a place to store gun powder, weaponry and prisoners before being renovated in the Romantic Movement. It was then that Chillon began to attract the artists and writers that made the castle famous.

Poetic Past

It was Lord Byron who really put the castle on the map with his poem ‘The Prisoner of Chillon’ about the sufferings of François Bonivard (1493-1570). François found himself in prison due to his opposition to the Savoyards but was eventually set free by the Bernese and is now a symbol of liberty.


Chateau de Chillon continues to inspire artists and so they host an exciting array of exhibitions to keep its rich history alive. Up until October 2014, you can see the spooky exhibition ‘Portraits of Ghosts’ where painter Hugo Bonamin shares his portraits of the artists that have been influenced by the Chateau over the years. You’ll see lots of the old masters such as Turner and Courbet and of course it wouldn‘t be complete without a portrait of the talented Lord Byron.

If you’re looking for European summer camps to broaden your child’s cultural horizons, take a look at our website to find out about all the other great sporting, cultural and language activities that we offer at Camp Suisse. Or give us a call on +44 845 5191 031 to find out more.

The Wonderful Village of Torgon!

15th April 2014

I know we’re biased, but we really think Torgon is the greatest place on earth! Torgon has got everything you need if you want to enjoy the great outdoors and be overwhelmed by beautiful views everywhere you turn.

The mountains

The beautiful village of Torgon sits 1,100 metres above sea level giving it amazing views over the Rhône valley and Lake Geneva and you can even see as far as Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain. This great location goes hand in hand with a wide variety of outdoor activities, including skiing, paragliding, cycling, hiking and climbing. Unsurprisingly, they all take advantage of the mountainous terrain, which is in abundance with three surrounding mountains: Tour de Don, Haut Sex, and Le Linleu.

Portes Du Soleil

Torgon forms part of Portes du Soleil, which is the largest interlinked ski area in the world! The pistes extend to over 650 km covering 14 valleys, giving skiers the perfect conditions to just ski and ski without constantly having to take lifts. There are some circuits that take the best part of a day to complete, barely needing to unclip! The area’s highest point takes you right into the clouds at 2,400 metres, with the lowest at 900m.

It is a very popular destination for skiers of all standard with plenty of beginners’ slopes. Although if you feel up to the challenge you can attempt the famous La Chavanette, affectionately referred to as the ‘Suisse Wall’, due to its steepness and difficulty to ski.

Canton of Valais

Torgon belongs to the wider region of Valais, known as a canton. Cantons are the equivalent of counties, but with a very interesting history. Until 1848 when the Swiss federal state was established, each canton was actually a fully sovereign state, with its own laws, currency, army and border controls. They still to this day maintain their own governments, laws, courts and constitution and the citizens of a canton can demand a popular vote to amend laws, or veto a decision taken by parliament.

As well as the skiing, the canton of Valais is known for its agriculture. Cattle breeding and dairy farming take place in the mountains, giving rise to the famous Swiss cow bells to be heard throughout the mountains so the shepherd can keep track of his cows. Valais is also home to the largest wine industry of Switzerland, providing more than half of the country’s wine production. The grapes are grown by over 20,000 independent vignerons and much of the wine production is done by co-operatives.

If that wasn’t enough, Valais also boasts Europe’s tallest gravity dam, supplying about one quarter of Switzerland’s energy via hydroelectric power.

The People

There isn’t a major city in Valais, so the canton retains is rural charm. The people of Torgon speak French but interestingly the language within Valais depends where you are in the region, with the west part speaking French and the East German. The languages vary further due to the fact that nearly 1/5th of the population of Valais are foreign. And who can blame them? Whoever visits this amazing place is clearly going to want to stay!

If you’re looking for summer camps in Europe to give your child the opportunity to experience a different culture, learn a language, get active and have some fun, then Camp Suisse in the beautiful village of Torgon could well be the answer! Take a look at our website for more details or give us a call to see what’s on offer. Our number is +44 845 5191 031