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Floriane – Group Leader and French Language Teacher

17th May 2021

Floriane has a wide experience of European culture – from her home in Spain, to university in the UK and her time spent living in France. One of Florian’s finest qualities is her caring nature, whether it’s making sure everybody is included, sticking up for the underdog or lending an ear to those who need it.

We asked Floriane about her thoughts on life, the universe and everything Camp Suisse

1) Where are you living at the moment? What do you do there? Where have you lived in the past?

At the moment I’m based at the University of Warwick in the U.K. as I’m in my fourth and final year of my studies. Spain is home, so I spend as much time as I can there, but I’ve also lived in France.

2) Favourite thing about Camp Suisse?

How far away we are from the hustle and bustle of cities. Camp Suisse is located in a really quiet village surrounded by nature and makes for a really nice escape from the digital world. Waking up to the picturesque views of the mountains and Lake Geneva.

3) Most Suisse thing you have ever done?

On one of our days off, a few of us hiked to a chalet near Solalex. Upon arrival we realised that the elderly Suisse couple who owned it would also be staying with us and ended up teaching us how to make the perfect fondue.

4) What is your favourite thing about working at Camp Suisse?

100% the people! It’s such a privilege to be able to enjoy your work and spend the day laughing with everyone.

5) Favourite Camp excursion?

The trip to the glacier at Les Diablerets is my favourite! I don’t get to see much snow in Spain and when it has been super warm at camp it’s refreshing to cool down once you get to such a high altitude. The ‘mini’ (actually quite scary) rollercoaster is the best way to end the day.

6) Favourite activity at Camp?

I really enjoy the team-building activities we do. It’s so much fun watching the campers try to figure out how to complete each activity as a team and learn to communicate with each other. It really brings each group closer together and we can all have a laugh at how silly we might look trying each activity.

7) What’s the oddest food combination you have ever eaten?

I’ve had some pretty questionable meals since being at university. However, I’d have to say the ‘meal’ I had with my family on Christmas eve 2019 was the oddest. We travelled to the south of Spain and had forgotten to book anywhere to eat that evening. As Christmas eve is celebrated more than Christmas day in Spain, all the shops and supermarkets were closed except from a few corner shops. We ate whatever we could find in the corner shop which ended up being sardines, toast, crisps and some questionable yoghurts. Safe to say we were all pretty hangry the next morning and devoured some paella for lunch.

8) If you had to be a household object for a day what object would you be and why?

I’m a real foodie so I would have to be the oven. It’s warm and you can smell and see all your meals or cakes cook!

9) Does pineapple belong on pizza?

I can’t say I’ve ever been daring enough to try it…

10) If you were offered a place on a one way trip to Mars would you take it?

I think I’d consider it if I knew I didn’t have much longer to live. It could potentially get very isolating being so far from everything you know and I’m not sure that’s something I’d voluntarily put myself through. Also, the thought of eating dried or powder food for the rest of my life would definitely put me off!

11) The mountains of the lake? And why?

Although hiking in the mountains can be physically tough, I find it so much more rewarding, especially for the views and the nature that surrounds you.

12) Apart from Camp Suisse, what has been your favourite job to date?

It would have to be working at the Pre-Paralympic Cerebral Palsy qualifiers in Spain. The tournament was a pretty big deal as we were hosting national teams from all over the world which would then go on to compete in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Paralympics! I did all sorts of small jobs from being a ball-girl on the side-lines to interviewing players in different languages. The atmosphere was great, not to mention the weather!


Philipp – Head of Pastoral Care

5th April 2021

Philipp is part of what makes Camp Suisse feel like home away from home. His first summer at Camp Suisse was way back in 2009! He has been back several times since then and we can’t wait to welcome him back this summer!

Philipp has made a career in working with young people and we are very proud to have him on our team. As a headteacher, Philipp is used to working within dynamic and varied teams and this summer he will be leading our Pastoral Care team. Round the clock, night and day Philipp and his team will be there to support campers emotionally and create welcoming spaces, in which they can feel comfortable and safe. Luckily for us he found the time to answer some questions!

1) Favourite thing about Camp Suisse?

I love to see how the campers grow as human beings in such a short time, discovering new things about themselves, becoming more confident, more resilient people. Also you can’t beat looking at thunderstorms rolling through the valley from above and having clouds come through the windows.

2) Most Suisse thing you have ever done?

I felt really happy when I saw a shop outside of Switzerland that sold Rivella.

3) Favourite Camp excursion?

Camping by a mountain lake is by far my favourite. Fire, stories, swimming and marshmallows never gets old. I always schedule my day off after the camping so that I can stay up all night by the fire, watch the foxes steal socks that kids leave outside and feel the first warming rays of sunrise.

4) Favourite activity at Camp?

I love all the informal times in between activities. When campers and staff find places they enjoy around the site. Some hang out by the piano, some bask in the sun and others play cards. The feeling of community during these times is amazing.

5) Bar Camp Suisse, what has been your favourite job to date?

In terms of pure fun it was definitely working on an adventure playground.

6) What’s the oddest food combination you have ever eaten?

As a child I used to like Nutella and salami sandwiches. Thinking of it, maybe I should try that again to see if it still works for me!

7) If you had to be a household object for a day what object would you be and why?

I would be a cosy sofa. A soft place to relax, preferably by a fireplace.

8) Does pineapple belong on pizza?

This feels like a trick question to ask a German. I have not eaten a pineapple pizza since about the time I last had a Nutella salami sandwich.

9) If you were offered a place on a one-way trip to Mars would you take it?

I probably could not resist but it might just depend on the company.

10) The mountains or the lake? and why?

A lake in the mountains. Why choose if you can have both!

Louis – Colour Group Supervisor

18th March 2021

Reliable, dependable and always enthusiastic, Louis is a ‘Yes man’ down to his bones and is a strong favourite amongst campers and staff alike! Alongside his 5 years at Camp Suisse, Louis has also completed a university degree, specialising in History and French. Louis is a super-talented musician and has played percussion and drums in theatres across Europe as well as heading up the Jazz Orchestra at Exeter University, from where he has just graduated. As well his incredible musical literacy, Louis is also fluent in French. When at Camp, Louis is usually found giving impromptu lessons around the piano or sitting around a campfire telling longwinded.. but engaging…stories!

One of Louis’ best qualities is in the way he will tirelessly take the time to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. Luckily for us he found the time to answer some questions!

1) Apart from Camp Suisse, what has been your favourite job to date?

My favourite job to date has got to be drumming at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo two years ago. It was a life-changing experience to play in front of thousands of guests every night alongside musicians from France, Germany, Nigeria, China, and New Zealand. The excitement and cultural diversity of Edinburgh during the festival is hard to beat.

2) Where are you living at the moment?

Currently living in London, which is further from the mountains and the sea than I would like!

3) Most Suisse thing you have ever done?

Doing group yoga in the morning sun alongside the lake at Taney. Either that or adjudicating a particularly loud Moo-off (the Camp Suisse tiebreaker) on Olympic day.

4) What is your favourite thing about working at Camp Suisse?

There are so many highlights from across the years, but the standout feature has got to be the location. Waking up to stunning mountain views every day, moments away from some of Europe’s best hiking, mountain biking and climbing, is the best perk of the job. It means on your days off you can really take advantage of the outdoors. And when you’re working, you get to share your passion for the mountains with kids from all over the world; it’s a great feeling.

5) Favourite Camp excursion?

My favourite excursion is definitely the hike to Taney (which we do with the older age groups). The initial hike takes you through green pastures of Swiss cows, up past the imposing peak of La Braye, and over the watershed to the next valley. There’s a fantastic climb from Le Flon that finally takes you to up to the crystal-clear lake for a rewarding swim. Relaxing by the lake in the sun followed by campfire stories in the evening really sums up the Camp Suisse experience. It’s always one of the most talked about activities among the kids and it’s a great opportunity for them to get to know each other at the start of the camp.

6) Favourite meal at Camp?

Fresh bread, butter and jam at Taney breakfast, or chicken pie at camp.

7) Favourite activity at Camp?

Mountain biking! After skills-based games and challenges to build up everyone’s confidence, we take small groups out on the trails around Torgon, so it’s really enjoyable both for the instructors and for the kids. As it’s a full day activity, many kids will start off the day having barely ridden a bike and will then develop the confidence to take on jumps, drops, and trails. It’s such a rewarding experience to see and be a part of that kind of progression – we often try and fit in extra sessions later on in the camp because the campers love it.

8) If you had to be an animal what would you be and why?

I am actually a dog person, but if I was going to be an animal it would definitely be a cat. They’re free to come and go and have a bit of an explore, but also like to chill out in the sun.

9) If you were offered a place on a one way trip to Mars would you take it?

No way – there might be mountains on Mars but they’re not green enough for my liking. Also, the food at Geneva airport is expensive enough for me, I can’t imagine what it would be like on Mars.

10) And finally: The glacier at Diablerets or the beach at Bouveret?

Definitely the beach. You can’t beat chilling out alongside Lake Geneva on a sunny afternoon.

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Hannah – Camp Manager

24th February 2021

Hannah is one of the backbones of the Camp Suisse team. At camp she can usually be found where the excitement is thickest and is always with a smile on her face. A veteran of 4 summers, Hannah is an integral part of the Camp Suisse family!  Having spent time living in both France and Spain, Summer 2021 cannot come soon enough for Hannah, Hannah who is currently finishing her dissertation for her final year at university.

Hannah is an instant hit with campers and her fluency in English, French and Spanish means she’s always at the centre of attention! Here we get Hannah’s thoughts on everything from soup to super activities!

1) If you had to be a household object for a day what object would you be?

I would be a fridge. Nice and chilled and full of all the good stuff. 

2) If you had to be an animal what would you be and why?

If I had to be any animal, I would be a monkey. They’re swift and agile but also not too intimidating. They also like bananas so I could roll with that.

3) What is your favourite thing about working at Camp Suisse?

The fact that two days are never the same; kids always have a random fact to teach you or a new trick to show you. Seeing them grow into more confident people and learn new skills also makes working with them so worthwhile. 

4) Favourite Camp excursion?

Banana boating! Always such a fun day out. 

5) Favourite Camp souvenir item?

The Camelbak water bottles. They’re strong, sturdy and reliable.

6) Favourite meal at Camp?

Ooooh that’s a tough one, the catering team always put on such a great variety of meals, I think for me it has to be mac and cheese! So good and so comforting. 

7) Favourite sport at Camp?

My favourite sport to play at camp is hockey. It reminds me of when I was at school and it’s such a fun and varied team sport which means everyone can join in!

8) And finally…. Is cereal a soup?

Absolutely not. Cereal is a god-tier food and should not be compared to soup. 

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Declan – Group Leader Manager

2nd February 2021

When not at camp, Declan is either off counting mongoose in Africa, creating artwork in the style of the late great Bob Ross, or working as a qualified teacher in the UK. Currently Dec has been working for a Production Company in his hometown of Bristol, making TV shows for the BBC, Netflix and National Geographic. 

Here we have some hard-hitting questions from past campers Declan – so make sure you give them some thought:

1) Is cereal a soup?

 Absolutely not that’s ridiculous. Soup is warm and shouldn’t have bits in it.

2) Would you rather spend a lifetime counting mongoose or a lifetime painting like Bob Ross?

Bob Ross – I’ve done both and maths is not my thing.

3) Does pineapple belong on pizza!?

Absolutely not! You wouldn’t put bananas on a burger!

4) NASA is taking volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars, do you go? and if so what 1 luxury item do you take?

No – there are far too many (much cooler) things on Earth – Like mountains and Gruyères cheese. If I HAD to go and take one luxury – it’d probably be my camera, I go nowhere without it and would kick myself if I forgot to take it to Mars.

5) Favorite member of Camp Suisse?

It’s going to have to be a tie between Rosie and Steve – it would not be the same without you guys behind the scenes keeping things going (and coming up with ridiculous activities like 3-legged football).

Now for the serious stuff:

Dec…our first question has to be, out of all the fabulous things on offer at Camp Suisse – Banana boating, husky sledding on the glacier, the Aqua Parc – What is your favorite activity?

Well, what I really love about Camp is that there is ALWAYS room to be a bit silly. One of my best memories from Camp was when we me and a camper turned the ping pong room into a crazy golf course on an arrival’s day! We used everything and anything we could find to build obstacles – whether that was an entire library’s worth of books, a Jenga set and a hoover.

What about your favorite excursion?

For me it has got to be going to Villeneuve swimming pool for banana boating and paddle boarding. I grew up by the sea so it wouldn’t be summer without going to the ‘beach’.

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INTRODUCING: Accompanied Air Travel From London Heathrow

1st July 2020

We’re delighted to announce a new accompanied travel package from London Heathrow.

Air Travel Camp Suisse

How does it work?

For campers travelling from or via London Heathrow, we can arrange for a member of the Camp Suisse team to meet your child at London Heathrow and accompany them all the way to Camp Suisse.

It means their Camp Suisse adventure starts even sooner and we can give more young people the chance to enjoy the safe and secure Camp Suisse experience from the beginning of their journey.

The price for the accompanied air travel option is £100 return plus your flight ticket. Please contact our team for details of applicable flights and to add the air travel option to your Camp Suisse 2020 booking.

Find out more about our COVID Compliant Summer Camp >

Camp Suisse 2020 Dates

Session Two 2020 Programmes

Two-week: Saturday 11th July – Friday 24th July
One-week: Saturday 11th July – Friday 17th July
One-week: Saturday 18th July – Friday 24th July

Session Three 2020 Programmes

Two-week: Saturday 25th July – Friday 7th August
One-week: Saturday 25th July – Friday 31st August
One-week: Saturday 1st August – Friday 7th August

Session Four 2020 Programme

One-week: Saturday 8th August – Friday 14th August

Here to Help…

To find out more about the accompanied air travel package, and to add it to your booking, please get in touch:

+44 (0) 845 5191 031



Camp Suisse : La solution à la Staycation cet été !

28th May 2020

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que Camp Suisse ouvrira ses portes pour cinq semaines cet été : du samedi 11 juillet au vendredi 14 août.

Camp Suisse 2020 sera la parfaite opportunité pour votre enfant de profiter des grands espaces, dans un environnement de sécurité. C’est notre ambition cet été de remplir les jours avec encore plus d’activités.

En même temps, nous mettrons en ouvre des mesures pour assurer la conformité à la réglementation Suisse à propos du COVID-19.

De plus, pour nos campeurs Suisses et de l’Europe Occidental, puisque COVID-19 a rendu les voyages internationaux plus compliqué, Camp Suisse propose une bonne solution pour la Staycation !

Réservez la place de votre enfant, avec l’annulation gratuite jusqu’au 30 juin.

En savoir plus >


Join the Camp Suisse Catering Team this Summer!

4th March 2020

Camp Suisse is on the search for ambitious, highly motivated individuals to join the catering team this summer.

Based in the spectacular Swiss Alps, we run international summer camps for over one thousand kids and teens aged 7 to 17, from May through to August. With so many hungry mouths to feed, we require dedicated, ambitious and motivated individuals to work in our catering department. We are on the search for chefs and catering assistants to join our kitchen, which is run by our dynamic and charismatic Head Chef, Helen, and Catering Manager, Ellie. This is an excellent summer opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience. Many of our staff return year after year, creating a family atmosphere among the team.

You will be exposed to all aspects of our busy kitchens, your duties will include:

• Food prep (including starters, packed lunches and breakfast)
• Pot wash (including operating industrial dishwasher and washing and drying equipment by hand)
• Maintain cleanliness of kitchen and service areas
• Offer support and assistance to chefs as required

In addition to in-resort training and uniform, we will provide you with:

• A competitive salary
• Accommodation for duration of contract
• All meals for duration of contract
• In-resort insurance
• Discretionary option to enjoy Camp excursions and activities on days off.

You will work split shifts which will give you ample time to explore our stunning local area. We’re based at an altitude of 1000m up in the mountains, where activities such as mountain biking, hiking and climbing are available. If you’re after more relaxing days off, Lake Geneva is a short journey away, where there are lively towns such as Vevey and Montreux (which hosts the awesome Montreux Jazz Festival in early July – not to be missed!).


A Word from our Catering Manager

Camp Suisse is one of the best summer camps out there, not only do the children have an amazing time, but the staff do too. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ve grown so much as a person because of it. What could be better than working in the Swiss Alps!

Ellie – Catering Manager (joined Camp Suisse in 2017)



To apply, you must be a UK, EU, or EFTA national, or hold a permit to work in the EU and have been integrated for at least one year in the EU or EFTA labour market.

Application Process

Step One – Submit an Online Application

Fill out and submit your application using our online application form. This will then be reviewed, and we will be in touch via email to inform you whether or not you have been shortlisted for interview. 

Step Two – First-round Interviews

If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to select a time for a preliminary Skype interview with one of our Directors. Following your interview, we will be in touch to let you know if we have decided to progress your application. 

Step Three – Second-round Interviews 

If successful in the first round interview, you’ll be invited to a second  Skype interview.

Step Four – Job Offer

If we decide you’re who we’re looking for, we’ll be in touch with your Job Offer via email.

Step Five – Welcome to the Team! 

once your references and paperwork are all in order, it will be time for you to come and join us in Switzerland for an awesome summer!


Start your application today

Outdoor Education – The Matterhorn is our Classroom Window!

16th January 2020

At Camp Suisse we believe there is no education like Outdoor Education! As a holder of the Learning Outside the Classroom (LotC) Quality Badge, we thrive on creating experiential learning experiences for our campers in multi-sensory environments.

So when one of our longstanding international school clients asked us to develop an Outdoor Education program focusing on glacial retreat, rocks and environmental sustainability we jumped at the chance to set up our classroom at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn,  surrounded by the magnificent peaks and glaciers of the Zermatt region.

Seminal moments like these instil sheer excitement in our team and have seen our Outdoor Education program go from strength to strength. Our drive and desire to create amazing and relevant educational experiences has taken groups of campers to some of Switzerland’s most inspiring and unique regions. 

In 2019 we very proudly created new programs in Zermatt whilst further developing our offerings in both Torgon and Leysin. In May 2020 we are very excited to be launching our Outdoor Education programs based near the traditional Alpine villages of Evolène and Arolla in the Val d’Herens. With its preserved Swiss heritage and surrounding famous peaks, the Val d’Herens is a mountain lover and an educator’s paradise.

From forest forages to fire lighting and sedimentary rocks to sustainability, each of our lessons is designed to be great fun, interactive, safe and completely unique.

If you would like to learn more about our Outdoor Education programs and locations please contact the team via

Excursions at Camp Suisse – Montreux Jazz

Montreux Jazz Festival is the second largest annual jazz festival in the world. 

It is legendary, arguably the most famous in Switzerland and takes place during the height of summer on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Camp Suisse campers on Sessions One and Two 2020 will experience first hand this fiesta of musical festivities.

Despite the name, the impressively diverse line up boasts offerings from across the musical spectrum. From pop sensations to R&B royalty, rock and roll and reggae artists, hip hop heroes and indie legends as well as a whole area dedicated to emerging artists for whom the festival is like a rite of passage. 

The festival, now in its 54th year is one of our favourite cultural excursions to share with our summer campers. Celebrating a diversity of talent, and bringing together artists of all types and backgrounds into one spectacular celebration lasting two weeks sits well with the ethos of our camps. 

We usually hit the festival in the day time, taking a stroll along the lakeside soaking up the atmosphere with street performers, stands and stalls, boats bobbing in the background. Emerging and established artists perform at the free Music in the Park venue and there is entertainment all along the length of the lake side allowing our campers to celebrate music, culture and diversity, all in one supervised, sensational afternoon.

Montreux Jazz – 54th edition. Friday 3rd July to Saturday 18 July 2020. Program announcement 26 March 2020.