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Louis – Colour Group Supervisor

18th March 2021

Reliable, dependable and always enthusiastic, Louis is a ‘Yes man’ down to his bones and is a strong favourite amongst campers and staff alike! Alongside his 5 years at Camp Suisse, Louis has also completed a university degree, specialising in History and French. Louis is a super-talented musician and has played percussion and drums in theatres across Europe as well as heading up the Jazz Orchestra at Exeter University, from where he has just graduated. As well his incredible musical literacy, Louis is also fluent in French. When at Camp, Louis is usually found giving impromptu lessons around the piano or sitting around a campfire telling longwinded.. but engaging…stories!

One of Louis’ best qualities is in the way he will tirelessly take the time to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. Luckily for us he found the time to answer some questions!

1) Apart from Camp Suisse, what has been your favourite job to date?

My favourite job to date has got to be drumming at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo two years ago. It was a life-changing experience to play in front of thousands of guests every night alongside musicians from France, Germany, Nigeria, China, and New Zealand. The excitement and cultural diversity of Edinburgh during the festival is hard to beat.

2) Where are you living at the moment?

Currently living in London, which is further from the mountains and the sea than I would like!

3) Most Suisse thing you have ever done?

Doing group yoga in the morning sun alongside the lake at Taney. Either that or adjudicating a particularly loud Moo-off (the Camp Suisse tiebreaker) on Olympic day.

4) What is your favourite thing about working at Camp Suisse?

There are so many highlights from across the years, but the standout feature has got to be the location. Waking up to stunning mountain views every day, moments away from some of Europe’s best hiking, mountain biking and climbing, is the best perk of the job. It means on your days off you can really take advantage of the outdoors. And when you’re working, you get to share your passion for the mountains with kids from all over the world; it’s a great feeling.

5) Favourite Camp excursion?

My favourite excursion is definitely the hike to Taney (which we do with the older age groups). The initial hike takes you through green pastures of Swiss cows, up past the imposing peak of La Braye, and over the watershed to the next valley. There’s a fantastic climb from Le Flon that finally takes you to up to the crystal-clear lake for a rewarding swim. Relaxing by the lake in the sun followed by campfire stories in the evening really sums up the Camp Suisse experience. It’s always one of the most talked about activities among the kids and it’s a great opportunity for them to get to know each other at the start of the camp.

6) Favourite meal at Camp?

Fresh bread, butter and jam at Taney breakfast, or chicken pie at camp.

7) Favourite activity at Camp?

Mountain biking! After skills-based games and challenges to build up everyone’s confidence, we take small groups out on the trails around Torgon, so it’s really enjoyable both for the instructors and for the kids. As it’s a full day activity, many kids will start off the day having barely ridden a bike and will then develop the confidence to take on jumps, drops, and trails. It’s such a rewarding experience to see and be a part of that kind of progression – we often try and fit in extra sessions later on in the camp because the campers love it.

8) If you had to be an animal what would you be and why?

I am actually a dog person, but if I was going to be an animal it would definitely be a cat. They’re free to come and go and have a bit of an explore, but also like to chill out in the sun.

9) If you were offered a place on a one way trip to Mars would you take it?

No way – there might be mountains on Mars but they’re not green enough for my liking. Also, the food at Geneva airport is expensive enough for me, I can’t imagine what it would be like on Mars.

10) And finally: The glacier at Diablerets or the beach at Bouveret?

Definitely the beach. You can’t beat chilling out alongside Lake Geneva on a sunny afternoon.

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