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Customer Testimonial ‰- Justine LK

10th April 2015

Justine is British with a Danish husband and her four children, although British, have also lived abroad as well as travelling extensively. That makes them a truly international family and gives Justine an ideal point of view from which to judge Camp Suisse’s appeal to families from all around the world.

Hi Justine, thanks so much for talking to us today. Tell me, which of your children have stayed at Camp Suisse? 

All four of my children have, at some stage, stayed at Camp Suisse. The first time they all went, in 2009, they were 13, 11, 9 and 6.  The following time I believe was in 2011 and my second oldest and youngest attended, then in 2013, the two youngest went. Every year the kids ask to go but often school trips get in the way so make it impossible!

Why did you choose Camp Suisse?  

Primarily we were attracted to the language lessons as our children had lived in Monaco for 2 years and attended a French school.  It was important to us that the kids kept their language skills going. In addition, as our kids are all very sporty the range of different activities offered appealed to all of us.  And finally, the high number of international students attending was of great appeal.  Our family is very international and we like our children to mix with kids from all countries.  We have always wanted our children to feel that being in an international environment is the norm and to be accepting of other cultures and traditions.

What advantages does it have compared to other camps?  

Location was always a great advantage for us and the initial attraction.  Once we saw how happy the children were and how friendly the staff were there seemed little point in looking to go elsewhere. As we saw how much the children enjoyed the camp, the reasons we sent them to Camp Suisse became less about just the language tuition and more about the friendliness, location and activities.

What do your kids like about it?  

I think they like the camaraderie and activities.  They always come back raving about this mentor or that mentor, this child from that country and what fun they had.  Fun levels seem to be very high and there is obviously lots of laughter!  They also love the outings.

Was the decision to go to Camp Suisse made more by you or your children?

Initially, it was a decision made by us, but all the activities and trips offered by Camp Suisse made it pretty easy for us to ‘sell’ the idea to the kids. After they attended the first year it was almost a given that they would go if they could.

Are your kids going back to Camp Suisse this year?  

We’re just now in the process of looking at the summer diary with the kids. Our eldest is now 18 and is just about to contact Julie and Richard about him returning this year as a mentor as he has experience with children and is now a qualified tennis coach, football coach and speaks fluent French, Spanish and English. He has very fond memories of Camp Suisse and has always wanted to return in a mentor capacity. Our second oldest is already booked to do work experience but the two youngest are both keen to return, although it depends how it works out logistically.

Have you got any other comments or feedback that you think would be of interest?  

I think Camp Suisse do a great job, hence why my children keep returning in one shape or another!

Camp Suisse is one of the top international summer camps in Europe for teens and younger children. If you would like your kids to get to know children from a range of different cultures in a safe, entertaining and educational environment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Be the Next Byron and Get Inspired at Chateau de Chillon

9th June 2014

There’s more to Camp Suisse than all our fun outdoor activities and language lessons, we’ve got loads of great cultural excursions too. One of which is the Chateau de Chillon in an amazing location on the shores of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps. The scenery is absolutely stunning and there is loads to learn about its history and connection to the arts. Read on to see what it’s got in store.


The site of the chateau has been occupied since the bronze-age and has gone through many changes over the years. Back in the 12th Century it was home to the Counts of Savoy, which marks one of the three major periods of influence on the castle. The Bernese then took over the castle in 1536 and used it as a fortress, arsenal and prison for over 260 years with many structural changes taking place to optimise the castle for the latest advances in weaponry.The castle then entered the final Vaudois Period after the Vaudois Revolution in 1798 which initially saw the castle used as a place to store gun powder, weaponry and prisoners before being renovated in the Romantic Movement. It was then that Chillon began to attract the artists and writers that made the castle famous.

Poetic Past

It was Lord Byron who really put the castle on the map with his poem ‘The Prisoner of Chillon’ about the sufferings of François Bonivard (1493-1570). François found himself in prison due to his opposition to the Savoyards but was eventually set free by the Bernese and is now a symbol of liberty.


Chateau de Chillon continues to inspire artists and so they host an exciting array of exhibitions to keep its rich history alive. Up until October 2014, you can see the spooky exhibition ‘Portraits of Ghosts’ where painter Hugo Bonamin shares his portraits of the artists that have been influenced by the Chateau over the years. You’ll see lots of the old masters such as Turner and Courbet and of course it wouldn‘t be complete without a portrait of the talented Lord Byron.

If you’re looking for European summer camps to broaden your child’s cultural horizons, take a look at our website to find out about all the other great sporting, cultural and language activities that we offer at Camp Suisse. Or give us a call on +44 845 5191 031 to find out more.

Yummy Trips to the Cheese and Chocolate Factories!

12th May 2014

You can’t experience Switzerland without sampling the wonderful food that Switzerland is famous for. I’m sure first on the list for most kids visiting Camp Suisse will be the Swiss chocolate, but don’t forget the amazing Gruyère cheese! Both have a long tradition in Switzerland and they’ve really perfected the delicious recipes over the years. You can find out all about it (and more importantly taste all about it!) at the super fun Maison du Gruyères and the Caillers chocolate factory on our trip to the region of Gruyères!

Caillers Chocolate Factory

Let’s start with the chocolate factory, because we know that’s what you’re dying to find out about! There’s loads to discover, starting with the history of Chocolate, which goes right back to the ancient traditions of the Aztecs. You can see and smell these traditions in action at the Caillers Chocolate Factory by watching the recreated cocoa ceremonies.

Then they’ll tell you all about François-Louis Cailler, who obviously had the best job in the world and started his own chocolate company! Who knows maybe you’ll get inspired and join the likes of Cailler and Willy Wonker and start your own chocolate or sweet company!

And last but definitely, by no stretch of the imagination, least…you get to taste the chocolate! Hmm, what a treat! This world famous chocolate has a well-deserved reputation for being utterly delicious and after you see all of the chocolate making processes, you’ll understand why!

Maison du Gruyères

This demonstration centre is right next to the lush alpine pastures and houses lots of interesting facts and secrets to making Gruyère. This delicious cheese is a real staple of mountain culture, with gooey fondue and lots of hearty recipes to keep the mountain folk going with their farming work. A fondue is also a social event as everybody shares a central bowl of scrummy melted cheese as they scoop up the drippy cheese with their bread. There’s only one way to describe it…“amazing!” It’s a Swiss experience not to be missed!

The Town of Gruyères

It’s not just about the food, on this day trip to see the factories you’ll also get to look around this historical medieval town including the grand chateau. The town is absolutely stunning with its cobbled streets and hanging flower baskets in the summer. It is almost impossible to take a bad photograph in Gruyères which is probably why its image has made its way onto so many chocolate boxes!

This is just one of our many excursions that make Camp Suisse one of the best kids’ summer camps around! Our summer adventures offer lots of fun physical activities as well as exposure to new cultures and languages, so our campers learn whilst enjoying themselves in the beautiful Swiss Alps. If you’d like to find out more, check out our website or give us a call +44 845 5191 031.

The Wonderful Village of Torgon!

15th April 2014

I know we’re biased, but we really think Torgon is the greatest place on earth! Torgon has got everything you need if you want to enjoy the great outdoors and be overwhelmed by beautiful views everywhere you turn.

The mountains

The beautiful village of Torgon sits 1,100 metres above sea level giving it amazing views over the Rhône valley and Lake Geneva and you can even see as far as Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain. This great location goes hand in hand with a wide variety of outdoor activities, including skiing, paragliding, cycling, hiking and climbing. Unsurprisingly, they all take advantage of the mountainous terrain, which is in abundance with three surrounding mountains: Tour de Don, Haut Sex, and Le Linleu.

Portes Du Soleil

Torgon forms part of Portes du Soleil, which is the largest interlinked ski area in the world! The pistes extend to over 650 km covering 14 valleys, giving skiers the perfect conditions to just ski and ski without constantly having to take lifts. There are some circuits that take the best part of a day to complete, barely needing to unclip! The area’s highest point takes you right into the clouds at 2,400 metres, with the lowest at 900m.

It is a very popular destination for skiers of all standard with plenty of beginners’ slopes. Although if you feel up to the challenge you can attempt the famous La Chavanette, affectionately referred to as the ‘Suisse Wall’, due to its steepness and difficulty to ski.

Canton of Valais

Torgon belongs to the wider region of Valais, known as a canton. Cantons are the equivalent of counties, but with a very interesting history. Until 1848 when the Swiss federal state was established, each canton was actually a fully sovereign state, with its own laws, currency, army and border controls. They still to this day maintain their own governments, laws, courts and constitution and the citizens of a canton can demand a popular vote to amend laws, or veto a decision taken by parliament.

As well as the skiing, the canton of Valais is known for its agriculture. Cattle breeding and dairy farming take place in the mountains, giving rise to the famous Swiss cow bells to be heard throughout the mountains so the shepherd can keep track of his cows. Valais is also home to the largest wine industry of Switzerland, providing more than half of the country’s wine production. The grapes are grown by over 20,000 independent vignerons and much of the wine production is done by co-operatives.

If that wasn’t enough, Valais also boasts Europe’s tallest gravity dam, supplying about one quarter of Switzerland’s energy via hydroelectric power.

The People

There isn’t a major city in Valais, so the canton retains is rural charm. The people of Torgon speak French but interestingly the language within Valais depends where you are in the region, with the west part speaking French and the East German. The languages vary further due to the fact that nearly 1/5th of the population of Valais are foreign. And who can blame them? Whoever visits this amazing place is clearly going to want to stay!

If you’re looking for summer camps in Europe to give your child the opportunity to experience a different culture, learn a language, get active and have some fun, then Camp Suisse in the beautiful village of Torgon could well be the answer! Take a look at our website for more details or give us a call to see what’s on offer. Our number is +44 845 5191 031

What to Pack and What to Expect from the Weather Here at Camp Suisse

27th March 2014

Torgon is famed for being covered in snow with its mountain ranges being filled with skiers and snowboarders, but the view we have of it at Camp Suisse is something a little bit different. When most of the snow clears away in the spring the beautiful greenery of the mountains and valleys are exposed, making it perfect for our summer camps.
What is the Weather Like?
Those coming to stay with us this summer can expect great weather. With summertime temperatures in Torgon averaging 25°C and the sky normally blue and sunny, we are able to make the most of the outdoors.
What to Pack?
Now that you know what to expect from the weather, you’ve probably got a bit of an idea about what you should be helping your child pack, but here’s an outline of essential items that all of our campers should bring with them:

Clothes– During a two-week stay with Camp Suisse, campers will be able to have their clothes laundered once, so you will need to make sure enough clothes are packed to cover the majority of your trip. We also advise that you bring along some warm clothing and a raincoat as, although we’re expecting sun, there may be some rain and adverse alpine weather.

Toiletries– Along with shower gel and shampoo, don’t forget to pack a toothbrush and some sun cream! The sun shines bright here at Torgon, and with the majority of our activities being outdoors, skin protection is important, so please bring plenty of water-resistant sun cream in a high factor.

Sun Protection– As well as sun cream, remember to pack other forms of sun protection. A baseball cap or sun hat along with a pair of sunglasses, and a water bottle to help you child stay hydrated and safe in the sun.

Walking Shoes, Swimming Costume, and Trainers– Our programmes involve a lot of outdoor activities, so please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear so they can have fun.

Journal– Although with all the activities your child will do throughout the week they may not have time to write, they might want to keep a diary of all the fun that they are having.

Book– Wherever your child is travelling from, a book or activity pack might keep them from getting bored on the journey.

We hope that this outline can be of help when packing, but parents and guardians will be happy to know that all campers booked onto one of our activity programmes will be receiving an extended list of essential items that they will need to bring to Camp Suisse.

If you’re interested in what activities Camp Suisse, one of the best summer camps in Switzerland, has to offer, then please check out our activities page. For more information, take a look at our FAQ’s, or get touch through our contact us page or by calling +44 845 5191 031.







Learning a Language in the Mountains

26th March 2014

Switzerland – one of the most multi-lingual countries in Europe. Where better for your child to learn a language than in a country with four national languages!
Learning a language at a summer camp in Europe is a great way to learn whilst also having fun. At Camp Suisse we offer language classes as part of all our holiday packages and your child can also choose from one of four languages: Spanish, French, German or English.
Language Lessons
All of our lessons focus on building up our learners’ confidence to speak freely. We provide an extra emphasis on practical conversation, because we feel that this is the best way to internalise the meaning of a language.
We use a variety of modern teaching techniques, because we want to engage children in active learning. When we are just listening for long periods it’s hard to learn how to speak. We’ve developed some very interesting audio and visual aids, which we think are fantastic at holding our learners’ attention – we get them learning without even realising it!
A two-week programme includes 15 hours of language lessons and 9 hours for a one-week programme. We cater for all abilities and classes are available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Learn whilst having fun
French is widely spoken at Camp Suisse, so our campers get real-life exposure in this language. Our language teachers are involved in the outdoor activities and cultural trips and this gives the children a great opportunity to keep practicing.
We find this is important when learning a new language, because using a new word naturally in conversation gives the word a context and is therefore easier to remember.
International Camp
Although the main language at Camp Suisse is English, we cater for campers from all over the world. This offers a wonderful opportunity for the children to keep practicing a language with their peers. It gives children an added incentive to learn languages – in order to make friends!
It can sometimes be difficult for children to find reason behind learning languages in a classroom, which can make motivation difficult. Children often keep in touch with international friends they make at Camp Suisse, meaning that they keep on practicing their languages even after they leave us for another year!
For more information on the activities we offer and the dates and prices available, please take a look at our website Or if you’d rather talk to somebody, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +44 845 5191 031.

Why is Camp Suisse so Good for You?

20th March 2014


We’re always trying to look after our health here at Camp Suisse. Most people would agree that it’s incredibly important to stay fit and healthy, especially for a young and developing mind.
Whether it’s the healthy food or the constant exercise; there are a lot of benefits in coming to stay at Camp Suisse, some of which we’ve detailed below:
Personal and Social Benefits
They say that variety is the spice of life and here at Camp Suisse our campers are certainly from a variety of locations! We believe that one of the main benefits of coming to camp (residential or day camps) is that our campers will meet and experience people from other cultures, which is in itself a life-changing experience.
There are a lot of reasons why interacting with people from different backgrounds is so important. One can learn more about other cultures and how to be more respectful. It also helps create compassionate and open-minded thought-patterns.
Spending two weeks away from home is a great experience for children. It really is a great way to boost independence, which can lead to greater levels of self-esteem and personal responsibility.
Physical Health
We do a lot of exercise here at Camp Suisse. It’s a rare moment when we’re not out and about getting active. Whether we’re climbing rock faces, scrambling down tracks on our mountain bikes or running around on any of our other exciting activities, we like to get up and about, moving our bodies.
We all know about the benefits of exercise for our bodies. Being fit and strong improves almost everything else in your life and it’s great for your brain as well! Coming on camp will make you fitter, stronger and hardier come school-time in September.
Mental Well-Being
We all love the thrill of a challenge, but did you know that challenges are also good for you? When your brain feels like it’s being worked hard, it releases natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins. These make you feel happier, more confident and better suited to take on the world! Just by being outside and running around in the sun, your brain is releasing endorphins.
If you like the idea behind getting active in the summer-time, we have plenty more info available in our information packs. Alternatively, if you have any questions –  contact us by clicking here.