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Declan – Group Leader Manager

2nd February 2021

When not at camp, Declan is either off counting mongoose in Africa, creating artwork in the style of the late great Bob Ross, or working as a qualified teacher in the UK. Currently Dec has been working for a Production Company in his hometown of Bristol, making TV shows for the BBC, Netflix and National Geographic. 

Here we have some hard-hitting questions from past campers Declan – so make sure you give them some thought:

1) Is cereal a soup?

 Absolutely not that’s ridiculous. Soup is warm and shouldn’t have bits in it.

2) Would you rather spend a lifetime counting mongoose or a lifetime painting like Bob Ross?

Bob Ross – I’ve done both and maths is not my thing.

3) Does pineapple belong on pizza!?

Absolutely not! You wouldn’t put bananas on a burger!

4) NASA is taking volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars, do you go? and if so what 1 luxury item do you take?

No – there are far too many (much cooler) things on Earth – Like mountains and Gruyères cheese. If I HAD to go and take one luxury – it’d probably be my camera, I go nowhere without it and would kick myself if I forgot to take it to Mars.

5) Favorite member of Camp Suisse?

It’s going to have to be a tie between Rosie and Steve – it would not be the same without you guys behind the scenes keeping things going (and coming up with ridiculous activities like 3-legged football).

Now for the serious stuff:

Dec…our first question has to be, out of all the fabulous things on offer at Camp Suisse – Banana boating, husky sledding on the glacier, the Aqua Parc – What is your favorite activity?

Well, what I really love about Camp is that there is ALWAYS room to be a bit silly. One of my best memories from Camp was when we me and a camper turned the ping pong room into a crazy golf course on an arrival’s day! We used everything and anything we could find to build obstacles – whether that was an entire library’s worth of books, a Jenga set and a hoover.

What about your favorite excursion?

For me it has got to be going to Villeneuve swimming pool for banana boating and paddle boarding. I grew up by the sea so it wouldn’t be summer without going to the ‘beach’.

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