Welcome to Camp Suisse

International Camp Suisse offers your child an action-packed, unforgettable summer in the spectacular Swiss Alps. We develop skills, knowledge and understanding in sport, languages, team work, culture and outdoor pursuits; all in a fun and enriching environment. It is a challenging and constructive experience of learning, discovery and development shared with like-minded individuals from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

Camp Director’s Statement of Intent

We strive for all our Campers to discover the satisfaction of achievement.
International Camp Suisse presents a challenging, healthy, enriching experience, which through worthwhile sports, leisure, and educational activities makes a constructive contribution to the personal development of our Campers. They develop a sense of responsibility and an awareness of their potential.
We foster self belief, self confidence, a sense of identity, independence of thought and action, and effective time management. Campers learn to appreciate the value of making a personal contribution, and of doing so with competence and insight.
International Camp Suisse is successful through our dedication to participants, the enthusiasm and commitment of our Campers and staff alike, and above all the quality of the experience.

I am looking forward to Camp Suisse summer 2021 and hope you can join us then or in the future.


Julie Tyler, Camp Director