Welcome to Camp Suisse

International Camp Suisse is a European multi-activity experience for kids and teens, aged 7-17. Since 2005, we have been at the forefront of developing a leading activity programme, packed full of alpine adventure and language tuition. In addition to our international summer camps, we offer summer day camps, ski and snowboard camps, as well as year-round outdoor education camps for schools and groups.

We are located across some of Switzerland’s most spectacular alpine villages. This enables us to deliver an unparalleled outdoor adventure and activity programme, whilst drawing on Switzerland’s position as a cultural crossroads to enrich our programme of language tuition.

“The children love the camp, it’s becoming their “summer home”. We have an amazing feeling of security and ease knowing our children are with you. We love how homely and personal Camp Suisse is and the activities and excursions are excellent – it really is a unique camp.”

Our activity and language programmes encourage young people to challenge themselves, take risks, be innovative, enjoy learning, make mistakes and try again. Our flexible approach and dedicated, qualified staff, coupled with our wealth of experience, place us in an unrivalled position to deliver unforgettable experiences for youngsters from around the world, with many of our campers and schools returning year after year.

A Message from the Directors

We are delighted to welcome you to Camp Suisse!

In today’s digitised world, we know that outdoor education and enrichment is more important than ever for our young people. With over two decades of experience in the education and leisure industries, we have developed a unique multi-activity experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Our programmes offer a diverse array of quality excursions into Swiss culture and local events, as well as an enriching programme of fabulous in-house alpine activities and adventure. Our dedicated and qualified staff work tirelessly to guide, teach, lead, encourage and mentor our intrepid young adventurers.

We seek to develop skills of team-work, open-mindedness, enquiry, perseverance, compassion, balance, resilience and reflection in every young person.

From soaking up the Montreux Jazz Festival on the shores of Lake Geneva, skiing down a glacier, learning foreign languages, as well as activities including beaches, biking and banana boating, chocolate factories, climbing and camping, our action-packed camps aim to provide an unforgettable and enriching experience. 

We are confident that, through experiencing Camp Suisse, your youngster will grow as a person; they will develop personally, emotionally and socially, and they will look back on their time here with fondness and warm memories. 

Our website aims to give you a snapshot of life here at Camp Suisse, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements. As Directors and as parents each with families of our own, we very much look forward to meeting you. 


Julie Tyler and Richard Young

Directors, International Camp Suisse