Camp Suisse Staff

Camp Suisse staff are experienced, skilled and competent individuals, with a total commitment to the personal development of young people. They are mature and enthusiastic, with an ability to motivate and to relate to children and teenagers. They coach and participate in sports and activities, accompany the excursions and act as role models and mentors for Campers. Natural leadership, organisational skills, great personalities and a thorough understanding of the needs of our groups combine to create an excellent team, many of whom return year after year. Our staff undoubtedly represent the single most important factor in giving our children the time of their lives!

Individual Attention

IMG_2179Campers are divided into age-based groups for activities and excursions and there is supervision at all times. Group leaders are responsible for the social welfare of their group and will be your child’s main contact throughout the holiday. Group leaders ensure that everyone is out of bed on time in the morning to begin their day, that all campers know what is expected of them and what each day has in store, accompany their group at all times, including meal times; and participate in all activities.


“Looking at the pictures (which are FANTASTIC) you can tell how compassionate and caring the staff are; Yousef wearing an adults jacket in the glacier and Maya being well taken care off by the staff MANY times are some of the small touches we could see.”

Campers are given personal attention and caring guidance. They are made to feel at ease and are kept busy and happy. As well as constantly watching over the well-being and safety of each member of their group, the staff offer warmth, patience, humour, and experience to ensure a successful, happy stay for all campers. The staff serve as leaders and role models for campers and will talk with them regularly about their achievements, apprehensions and challenges in a uniquely supportive atmosphere.

High Staff to Student Ratio

IMG_5468The camper-staff ratio of 2:1 offers great opportunity for daily interaction and ensures that counsel and guidance are always available, and that a close and positive relationship is developed between campers and staff and between the campers themselves. The majority of our staff are currently pursuing, or are interested in pursuing careers in working with children, and love to help young people strive to achieve their potential.


Should we need to consider any new applications, we do so on the basis of skills, knowledge and attitudes, common sense and maturity, activity qualifications or experience, previous work with children, entertainment skills and personality.