Camp Blog

Philipp – Head of Pastoral Care

5th April 2021

Philipp is part of what makes Camp Suisse feel like home away from home. His first summer at Camp Suisse was way back in 2009! He has been back several times since then and we can’t wait to welcome him back this summer!

Philipp has made a career in working with young people and we are very proud to have him on our team. As a headteacher, Philipp is used to working within dynamic and varied teams and this summer he will be leading our Pastoral Care team. Round the clock, night and day Philipp and his team will be there to support campers emotionally and create welcoming spaces, in which they can feel comfortable and safe. Luckily for us he found the time to answer some questions!

1) Favourite thing about Camp Suisse?

I love to see how the campers grow as human beings in such a short time, discovering new things about themselves, becoming more confident, more resilient people. Also you can’t beat looking at thunderstorms rolling through the valley from above and having clouds come through the windows.

2) Most Suisse thing you have ever done?

I felt really happy when I saw a shop outside of Switzerland that sold Rivella.

3) Favourite Camp excursion?

Camping by a mountain lake is by far my favourite. Fire, stories, swimming and marshmallows never gets old. I always schedule my day off after the camping so that I can stay up all night by the fire, watch the foxes steal socks that kids leave outside and feel the first warming rays of sunrise.

4) Favourite activity at Camp?

I love all the informal times in between activities. When campers and staff find places they enjoy around the site. Some hang out by the piano, some bask in the sun and others play cards. The feeling of community during these times is amazing.

5) Bar Camp Suisse, what has been your favourite job to date?

In terms of pure fun it was definitely working on an adventure playground.

6) What’s the oddest food combination you have ever eaten?

As a child I used to like Nutella and salami sandwiches. Thinking of it, maybe I should try that again to see if it still works for me!

7) If you had to be a household object for a day what object would you be and why?

I would be a cosy sofa. A soft place to relax, preferably by a fireplace.

8) Does pineapple belong on pizza?

This feels like a trick question to ask a German. I have not eaten a pineapple pizza since about the time I last had a Nutella salami sandwich.

9) If you were offered a place on a one-way trip to Mars would you take it?

I probably could not resist but it might just depend on the company.

10) The mountains or the lake? and why?

A lake in the mountains. Why choose if you can have both!