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Hannah – Camp Manager

24th February 2021

Hannah is one of the backbones of the Camp Suisse team. At camp she can usually be found where the excitement is thickest and is always with a smile on her face. A veteran of 4 summers, Hannah is an integral part of the Camp Suisse family!  Having spent time living in both France and Spain, Summer 2021 cannot come soon enough for Hannah, Hannah who is currently finishing her dissertation for her final year at university.

Hannah is an instant hit with campers and her fluency in English, French and Spanish means she’s always at the centre of attention! Here we get Hannah’s thoughts on everything from soup to super activities!

1) If you had to be a household object for a day what object would you be?

I would be a fridge. Nice and chilled and full of all the good stuff. 

2) If you had to be an animal what would you be and why?

If I had to be any animal, I would be a monkey. They’re swift and agile but also not too intimidating. They also like bananas so I could roll with that.

3) What is your favourite thing about working at Camp Suisse?

The fact that two days are never the same; kids always have a random fact to teach you or a new trick to show you. Seeing them grow into more confident people and learn new skills also makes working with them so worthwhile. 

4) Favourite Camp excursion?

Banana boating! Always such a fun day out. 

5) Favourite Camp souvenir item?

The Camelbak water bottles. They’re strong, sturdy and reliable.

6) Favourite meal at Camp?

Ooooh that’s a tough one, the catering team always put on such a great variety of meals, I think for me it has to be mac and cheese! So good and so comforting. 

7) Favourite sport at Camp?

My favourite sport to play at camp is hockey. It reminds me of when I was at school and it’s such a fun and varied team sport which means everyone can join in!

8) And finally…. Is cereal a soup?

Absolutely not. Cereal is a god-tier food and should not be compared to soup. 

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