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Floriane – Group Leader and French Language Teacher

17th May 2021

Floriane has a wide experience of European culture – from her home in Spain, to university in the UK and her time spent living in France. One of Florian’s finest qualities is her caring nature, whether it’s making sure everybody is included, sticking up for the underdog or lending an ear to those who need it.

We asked Floriane about her thoughts on life, the universe and everything Camp Suisse

1) Where are you living at the moment? What do you do there? Where have you lived in the past?

At the moment I’m based at the University of Warwick in the U.K. as I’m in my fourth and final year of my studies. Spain is home, so I spend as much time as I can there, but I’ve also lived in France.

2) Favourite thing about Camp Suisse?

How far away we are from the hustle and bustle of cities. Camp Suisse is located in a really quiet village surrounded by nature and makes for a really nice escape from the digital world. Waking up to the picturesque views of the mountains and Lake Geneva.

3) Most Suisse thing you have ever done?

On one of our days off, a few of us hiked to a chalet near Solalex. Upon arrival we realised that the elderly Suisse couple who owned it would also be staying with us and ended up teaching us how to make the perfect fondue.

4) What is your favourite thing about working at Camp Suisse?

100% the people! It’s such a privilege to be able to enjoy your work and spend the day laughing with everyone.

5) Favourite Camp excursion?

The trip to the glacier at Les Diablerets is my favourite! I don’t get to see much snow in Spain and when it has been super warm at camp it’s refreshing to cool down once you get to such a high altitude. The ‘mini’ (actually quite scary) rollercoaster is the best way to end the day.

6) Favourite activity at Camp?

I really enjoy the team-building activities we do. It’s so much fun watching the campers try to figure out how to complete each activity as a team and learn to communicate with each other. It really brings each group closer together and we can all have a laugh at how silly we might look trying each activity.

7) What’s the oddest food combination you have ever eaten?

I’ve had some pretty questionable meals since being at university. However, I’d have to say the ‘meal’ I had with my family on Christmas eve 2019 was the oddest. We travelled to the south of Spain and had forgotten to book anywhere to eat that evening. As Christmas eve is celebrated more than Christmas day in Spain, all the shops and supermarkets were closed except from a few corner shops. We ate whatever we could find in the corner shop which ended up being sardines, toast, crisps and some questionable yoghurts. Safe to say we were all pretty hangry the next morning and devoured some paella for lunch.

8) If you had to be a household object for a day what object would you be and why?

I’m a real foodie so I would have to be the oven. It’s warm and you can smell and see all your meals or cakes cook!

9) Does pineapple belong on pizza?

I can’t say I’ve ever been daring enough to try it…

10) If you were offered a place on a one way trip to Mars would you take it?

I think I’d consider it if I knew I didn’t have much longer to live. It could potentially get very isolating being so far from everything you know and I’m not sure that’s something I’d voluntarily put myself through. Also, the thought of eating dried or powder food for the rest of my life would definitely put me off!

11) The mountains of the lake? And why?

Although hiking in the mountains can be physically tough, I find it so much more rewarding, especially for the views and the nature that surrounds you.

12) Apart from Camp Suisse, what has been your favourite job to date?

It would have to be working at the Pre-Paralympic Cerebral Palsy qualifiers in Spain. The tournament was a pretty big deal as we were hosting national teams from all over the world which would then go on to compete in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Paralympics! I did all sorts of small jobs from being a ball-girl on the side-lines to interviewing players in different languages. The atmosphere was great, not to mention the weather!