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Musée Olympique Lausanne

15th June 2018

Founded in 1993, the Museum was the brainchild of then-president of the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch. The project was overseen by Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez, an International Olympic Committee member, and Jean-Pierre Cahen. The museum was named the European Museum of the Year in 1995.

The Museum’s permanent exhibition is organized into three major themes on three separate floors: Olympic World, Olympic Games, and Olympic Spirit. A visit begins on the third floor, where the Olympic World part of the exhibition informs visitors of the history of the ancient Olympic Games and the rebirth of the modern Games in the 19th century. Highlights include a display of Olympic torches, as well as videos documenting major moments in the history of opening ceremonies history.

The second floor focuses on Olympic Games. Sporting equipment for a variety of sports are on display, and visitors are introduced to the Youth Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. More than 1,000 video clips of Olympic Games events and athletes can be searched and viewed at individual viewing stations.

The final part of the permanent exhibit covers the Olympic Spirit, where visitors are made to feel part of an Olympic Village and can test their balance, agility, and mental skills with interactive exercises. Olympic medals are also on display.


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39 Nations and Counting…

11th June 2018

Summer 2018 is set to yet again play host to campers from an incredible range of backgrounds and cultures at Camp Suisse. The company, which specialises in summer alpine adventure and language programmes for children aged from 5 to 17, is this summer preparing to welcome 39 different nationalities from across the globe. This year, Camp Suisse staff are preparing say ‘Hello’, ‘Bonjour’, ‘Hola’ and ‘Hallo’ to campers arriving at Geneva Airport from countries as far away as Brazil, Taiwan, the Bahamas and China.

Ever since its founding in 2005, Camp Suisse has championed the idea of creating a truly international environment for its campers; many of whom return year after year. In recent years, the Camp’s offering has diversified to include a French immersion programme and day camps, which have proved popular among those living in Switzerland, as well as families holidaying in the area seeking to entertain their children for the day. The main international camp operates four sessions from the end of June until mid-August; three of which are two week programmes, and the last is a one week programme. Custom date options are also available.

The Camp also opens its doors to school groups, who benefit from the diverse array of language programmes, outdoor adventure activities and opportunities to visit local places of interest throughout spring and the early summer months.

There is still limited availability this summer; to give your child a truly international experience, we invite you to browse our website or send us an email at




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Camp Suisse and the Chocolate Factory

Our excursion to Cailler Chocolate Factory is arguably ever camper’s (and staff’s!) favourite excursion! The factory provides every visitor with a complete brand immersion experience; guiding them through the history of chocolate, which stems from the Aztec cocoa ceremonies, right through to the company’s current product range.

Visitors also experience full immersion of the chocolate making process, in the shape of an audio-visual tour, which shows how cocoa bean becomes chocolate bar. The past also comes to life through a selection of photographs that retrace the factory’s history from its humble origins in 1898 right up to the 1960s. This journey through time brings memories to life.

The very best is saved until last: with appetites whetted, visitors can then visit a specially designed shop which sells the entire range of Cailler of Switzerland chocolates.

More information about the factory can be found on their website:


The Dizzying Heights of Glacier 3000

5th June 2018

The excursion to Glacier 3000 is a highlight of any adventure to Camp Suisse. The glacier is the highest point of the Lake Geneva region, and is home to the only suspension bridge in the world connecting two mountain peaks. It is called Peak Walk by Tissot.

The bridge connects the smaller peak (View Point) with the 5 metre higher main peak (Scex Rouge) and takes all guests to incredible heights. The 107 metre long and 80 centimetre wide bridge offers a stunning view onto the Alps: the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are all visible from the bridge and offer grandiose views, far off into the distance. The suspension bridge is free of charge and open year-round subject to weather conditions.

Glacier 3000 also features a marked glacier trail, which runs from Scex Rouge to Quille du Diable and is open all year-round. The walk begins directly at the Scex Rouge mountain station. Those who prefer to take it a bit easier, can take the Ice Express chairlift to the glacier and can begin their walk in the snow from there.

Year after year, our campers enthuse over our dog sledding experience. The joy of the pack of dogs moving around in the snow is contagious, and felt by everyone watching them. The Huskies pull you through the beautiful glacier landscape and allow you to have a very special experience.


Elsie’s Big Stride

19th May 2018

We are proud to be supporting as one of our featured charities the touching work of Elsie’s Big Stride.

Elsie is a 3 year old from Devon, United Kingdom. She has Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy and her charity wants to help her to stay as mobile as possible and to reach her real potential through greater independence.

We were touched by the story of Elsie, born 10 weeks prematurely and, at 11 months diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. 

For Elsie this means affected tone in her legs which requires her to have daily physiotherapy, specialist equipment and a range of professionals supporting her.

In October 2017 her Neurosurgeon recommended that Elsie would benefit from a procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR).  Without this and the intense rehabilitation package, the prediction is that Elsie will require a number of invasive surgeries over her lifetime and will experience reducing independence. Unfortunately this surgery is not available via the National Health Service in the UK where Elsie lives.

The same condition and the same surgery was at the heart of our charity efforts in 2011, for another young lady, Suranna (4) who has hugely benefited from the treatment she was able to receive as result of a concerted fund raising effort. We have been delighted to follow Susanna’s progress and to see how she has blossomed into a capable and active 11 year old.

The hope for Elsie is to access this life changing surgery and to provide the specialist equipment, further therapy and home adaptions she needs to allow her to reach her full potential.

Elsie’s determination is inspiring and we are proud to help her on her incredible journey to grasp the opportunity she deserves.

The impact of foreign language study on young people

28th February 2018

Here at Camp Suisse we believe that providing fun and dynamic language classes for our campers is really important and adds great value to the camp experience. We make use of some amazing and passionate native speakers who come from far and wide in Europe, including Granada, Montpellier and south Germany. We create an authentic, diverse and invaluable cultural experience for our young campers.

So why are languages and cultural awareness just so important? If you’re not sure – then read on.

Intelligence and Success

  • Languages are challenging and young minds are very impressionable – meaning it’s much easier to learn while young.
  • Studies have shown that learning another language improves cognitive skills therefore improving a young person’s capacity to learn in general.

Social Skills  

  • Exposure to new and challenging experiences develops a child’s confidence and teaches them that they are capable of more than they may have known, and more than they are comfortable with.
  • The understanding of culture that accompanies the study of a language helps children to become more empathetic, more socially aware and more flexible to different situations.

Professional Advantages 

  • In an increasingly globalized economy, it is invaluable for international companies to have employees who are not only accomplished in their discipline, but who can express and share their knowledge in another language.
  • The ability to negotiate and debate in a foreign language adds great strength to a CV or professional portfolio.

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely convinced!


How to keep your loved ones entertained, inspired and active over the summer holidays – Camp Suisse Day Camps

12th January 2018

Here at CS HQ, we are very excited to announce the introduction of our Day Camps for summer 2018. It is now even easier (and cheaper) to enjoy the Camp Suisse experience on a part time basis.
Whether it is for a morning, afternoon or a full day, you can sign up for a wide range of activities under the expert guidance of Camp Suisse staff and have the opportunity to mix with children from all over the world.
As with the well-established residential program at Camp Suisse, the aim is to help our campers build confidence and learn new skills in the safest possible environment. Our team has spent many years developing an Alpine Adventure activity programme that is second to none at our beautiful location in the mountains of Torgon.
Guests learn new skills and sports, participate in outdoor pursuits and adventures, learn or improve language skills, explore Swiss culture and, above all, make new friends.

Camp Suisse Day Camps
Camp Suisse Day Camps are available for anyone between the ages of 5 and 17 and are ideal for working parents looking for childcare and for families visiting Switzerland looking for amazing activities for their children whilst exploring the local area.
As an accredited ‘Adventuremark’ provider, we are proud to uphold the highest standards of safety. Expert guidance is provided at all ability levels by experienced activity leaders, qualified instructors and coaches. Activities include language classes, mountain biking, climbing, baking, navigation, sports coaching as well as many others. The camp is English and French speaking with language courses available in French, English, German or Spanish. Last summer we were proud to welcome youngsters from over 35 countries to our truly international environment.
If you are looking for something different for your youngsters this summer an escape to the mountains could be just what they need. With the option to do the occasional overnight stay as required, the Camp Suisse Day Camp is the best of both worlds. Pick up and Drop off at Aigle available (full days only).

Camp Suisse Day Camps
Day Camp Prices are 60 CHF per half day including lunch with discounts available for 5 days or more and free transport to and from Aigle station. To find out more contact or call us on +44 845 5191031.

Parlez-vous français ?

10th January 2018

Introducing…. our French intensive camp in Switzerland!

Could there be any better place than the Swiss mountains to learn French in natural real life context?

We are really proud to offer a French intensive program for our campers that want to learn French quickly in a busy, fun, stimulating environment.

Our amazing French-speaking team provide incredible opportunities to maximise campers’ exposure and learning of the French language: including classes, daily routines, excursions and evening activities! Our techniques are adapted to the ability level and the age of our campers to enable them to improve their French at their own level.

In addition to the standard Camp Suisse programs, participants on the French Intensive Program undertake an extra 3 language classes per week as well as an additional French cultural excursion, usually to one of the French local markets in Evian or the Abondance valley.

The team’s goal is to help our campers grow in a French speaking bubble without feeling like they are at school. With that aim in mind our teachers design stimulating and fun classes, along with various opportunities to learn French with French movies, game boards in French, sports in French…

The idea is to allow our summer campers to be stimulated in French all the time but in a lively and interactive way.

A bientôt !


IMG_2889Elsa Martin, Language Team Manager

Happy Holidays

19th December 2017

December is a busy month all over the world. For many, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th December and for others, celebrations such as St Lucia Day or Hanukkah are the main focus of the festivities. We have compiled a few different ways to celebrate this month.
St Nicholas Day – 6th or 19th December
Usually celebrated in early December, St Nicholas Day is a popular occasion made up of gift giving, parades, feasts and festivals. A popular tradition is to place shoes in the foyer before bedtime.
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe – 12th December
Catholics from across Mexico and other countries pay pilgrimage to the Basillica of Guadalupe in Mexico city to see an authentic image of the Virgin Mary. Children are dressed in traditional costumes and are blessed in churches. Since it is a happy day for all Mexicans, food and drink are enjoyed by everyone, and many people will save up their money throughout the year for this special occasion.
St Lucia Day – 13th December
Celebrated predominantly across Scandinavia, St Lucia Day is held in honour of the woman said to have been one of the first Christian martyrs in history. Traditional candlelit processions take place with the eldest daughter dressing as St Lucia in commemoration. Parents are served Lucia buns, coffee or mulled wine by their children as part of the celebration.
Hanukkah – Starting on the 12th December
Also known as the festival of light and the feast of dedication, Hanukkah is observed by lighting a candle each night on the traditional Menorah. Dating back two centuries, Hanukkah is celebrated by Jewish communities across the world.
Christmas Day – 25th December
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God. Most commonly, the celebrations involve decorating houses with Christmas trees, an exchanging of gifts and the notorious Christmas dinner, typically made up of a roast turkey. It is the one day of the year where almost all shops, restaurants and doctors surgeries close to allow people to spend time with their family.
New Year – 31st December
For most, the 31st December celebrates the last day of the current year. Celebrations are held throughout the evening, with a countdown to bring in the new year. As the clock strikes midnight, fireworks are set off and well wishes for the new year are shared amongst friends and family.
This is just a handful of celebrations held across the world, with many more bringing families and friends together. At Camp Suisse, we feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many different cultures, each with their own traditions and special days. We hope wherever you are and whatever you do with your friends and family this December that you have a wonderful time.

Camp Suisse Christmas Logo

All Different, All Equal – Anti-Bullying Week

21st November 2017

Although there is no legal definition for bullying, it is usually described as behaviour that is repeated and with intention to cause hurt, either physically or emotionally. It can range from teasing and name calling, to threats and physical assault and in this digital age, cyberbullying.

This week is Anti-Bullying Week in the UK, and as at Camp Suisse we firmly believe that every week should be anti bullying week, we think it is really important to raise awareness for the prevention of bullying.  This week the UK Anti-Bullying Alliance has been supporting schools throughout the UK with a range of free activities that will help pupils to create safe environments and to take action to prevent bullying.

One of the major aims for Anti-Bullying week is to empower children and young people to celebrate what makes them unique. Children should feel valued and able to be themselves without fear of being bullied. Another key goal is to increase awareness, not only for bullying, but also for equality. Anti-Bullying week will take place in schools throughout the UK and will allow students and teachers to celebrate difference and equality and to talk about what makes us ‘all different, all equal’. Students will be encouraged to take action to prevent bullying by creating safe environments where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

At Camp Suisse, we are very proud to welcome children from all over the world. Each child brings their own story, their own culture and their own personality. We celebrate difference, and we love learning from all our campers.

Remember to be kind to one another.

The Camp Suisse Team