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Off Up to the Mountain Refuge

12th July 2018

On Tuesday, the blue group kicked off the day with their language classes. They dedicated part of the lesson to prepare for the renowned Camp Suisse Talent Show, which took place on Wednesday night, where each language class presented their own act. Everyone was very excited to put into practice what they had learnt in class over the last two weeks! After a hearty lunch, it was time to head off for our walk towards the French/ Swiss border, situated a little further up the mountain. All the campers were very proud of their efforts; the walk was a challenge for all, and the fruits of their efforts were appreciated in the form of the spectacular view when they reached the summit. In the evening, our group had the chance to enjoy a well deserved and delicious meal prepared at camp. Finally, before bed, the everyone enjoyed munching marshmallows and chanting their favourite songs around the camp fire!

Evelyne, Group Leader & Teacher of French

(Translated by Phil, Administrator) View the original in French 

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