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Steve – Activities Manager

21st March 2023

Joining the Camp Suisse team as an Activity Leader in 2015, Steve was an instant hit among staff and campers and soon became our Activity Leader Manager. An engineer, qualified secondary school teacher and recent graduate in physiotherapy, Steve is currently our year-round Activities Manager. Steve has had a huge impact on our activities programme and played a pivotal role in launching The Ed-Venture Award for our school trips here at Camp Suisse.

1) Where are you living at the moment? What do you do there? Where have you lived in the past?

I live in Sheffield and I am a physiotherapist, I’ve previously lived in the UAE, Scotland, England and France for a while.

2) Favourite thing about Camp Suisse?

It has to be living in the shadow of the dents du midi in Switzerland.

3) Most Suisse thing you have ever done?

Eating cheese in a restaurant whilst watching the goats that made the cheese get milked.

4) Favourite Camp excursion?

Glacier 3000, who doesn’t love a winter wonderland complete with huskies!

5) Favourite activity at Camp?

Art jamming by the cookie café on top of one of the peaks in Les Crosets

6) The mountains or the lake? And why?

Mountains, water sports aren’t really my thing and I enjoy how small the mountains make me feel.

7) If you were offered a place on a one-way trip to Mars, would you take it?


8) Apart from Camp Suisse, what has been your favourite job to date?

I enjoyed working behind a bar talking to people and serving.