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Our 4 Reasons Why The Outdoors In Switzerland Is Great For Kids

3rd May 2023

Switzerland as a holiday destination is hard to beat. Here are 4 reasons why the Swiss outdoors could be your kids’ Happy Place.

1. Safety: Switzerland is repeatedly cited as one of the most stable and secure countries in the world. Parents can have peace of mind that no matter whether their child is exploring the scenic Swiss Alps, chomping on chocolate, or discovering the charm of the Swiss cities, they are in one of the safest places they could possibly be.

2. Luscious Landscapes: Switzerland boasts a wealth of views and new experiences for youngsters. Its stunning mountains and lakes offer new perspectives. Its natural beauty is hard to rival, and the dramatic contrast seen between seasons is something everyone should experience in a lifetime

3. Respect: respect, they say, is hard to gain and easy to lose. The outdoors in Switzerland is an incredible environment for kids to learn the importance of looking after their surroundings and leaving them better than they found them. The outdoor learning offered in the Swiss landscape teaches the importance of respect for those around you, and the environment, in a really impactful way.

4. Amazing Adventures: with its plethora of trees, valleys, forests, Switzerland is the outdoor playground for children, no matter their age, skill set or confidence. From zip-lining through the trees to outdoor chess to lakeside swimming pools and climbing walls, in Switzerland every child can learn, grow, and break out of their comfort zone. Possibilities for hiking and mountain biking, camping and swimming provide the best playground for our young adventurers who love the freedom of being outside. This can be achieved during day camps, residential camps, or family holidays!

An International Summer camp in Europe can tick all these boxes.

Q: What’s so good about Switzerland?
A: Well, its flag’s a big plus 🙂