Camp Journal

Left, right, left – Mission Day

5th August 2012

The weekend brought thunder storms and heavy rain to Torgon, with an almighty storm taking place over night that continued in to the hours of the morning wake up and breakfast time. The ground was sodden with low cloud and rain still lingered during the morning as the campers partook in their language lessons and sports sessions.

The scheduled use of the football pitch and tennis courts therefore had to be unfortunately cancelled due to water logged pitches. They opted for the drier option of an indoor football tournament. Following this the campers separated into their squadrons for this session’s mission day. Mission day is an entire camp activity spanning the whole afternoon and requires the campers to work in their assigned teams to complete various tasks in which all aim to build up their score in a mission league. The team with the highest number of points are crowned mission day champions. 


The teams – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo all gathered firstly in the Patinoire for face painting and to devise a team chant of which could be heard all over camp throughout the entire afternoon. After initial preparations, a packed lunch was high on the agenda, while the teams briefed the squadrons for the tasks ahead. 

Due to the stormy weather conditions, most activities were re-located indoors, apart from Archery where the campers dashed out in the midst of a sunny spell to shoot some arrows. The mountain bikers completed an obstacle course before clambering on to the climbing wall. The teams carried out an orienteering task by finding treasure around the centre and then they were required to make use of their inventive skills and design a rocket to be launched in a distance competition at the end of the afternoon. All squadrons completed their tasks with an impressive rocket launch by Alpha, which secured them their victory as overall champions. 


After dinner the campers stayed in their mission day groups for the evening’s entertainment comprising of a murder mystery game. A fictional plot claiming that camp Director had been murdered was read out to the campers before they were given one hour and 6 locations to complete tasks that won them information from each suspect to enable them to piece together clues, leading them to the murder , motive and weapon. The majority of the campers correctly deduced that Night Angel Rachel had killed Rich in the Tuck shop over language teacher Lattifa.

The day ended with the clouds darkening and another storm looming over Torgon. Scheduled outdoor activity have been reshuffled with the Aqua Parc being tomorrow’s activity. 

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