Camp Journal

Red and Whites go high!

16th July 2013

The Red and White groups had an early start to the day as they looked forward to visiting Glacier 3000! Some tired members of both groups were quickly brightened up by the sun that continued to shine all day- perfect weather for the days activities off site. Staff and campers jumped on a cable cart to head up the mountain where a husky ride was waiting for them. The groups got to enjoy the company of the huskies as well as a fast pace ride around a track. Campers were then shown the stunning view from the top of the glacier prior to lunch. This view of the glacier provided the perfect spot for activity leader Chris to inform campers about Glacier 3000 and to explain how glaciers are formed. The groups then left the glacier and headed back down the mountain for a relaxed afternoon in Villeneuve which entailed swimming in Lake Geneva and the outdoor pool. Whether they were jumping off the diving board or spending time sunbathing, both the Red and White group enjoyed every bit of Villeneuve along with the rest of the day.It appeared that they may have found it their most exciting day at Camp Suisse yet!


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