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Out and About

31st May 2017

What did class 6A and 6D get up to……..

They had an excellent day developing new skills, with many trying activities for the very first time.

During mountain biking they worked on their breaking and slaloming, before progressing to more challenging courses. This culminated in a ride down the mountain back to Camp Suisse.

During sports, they worked on their teamwork as well as their passing and dribbling skills in games such as ‘capture the flag,’ ’rounders,’ and ‘football.’

The day ended round the campfire roasting marshmallows and singing songs. The team bonded brilliantly and the outdoor experience ignited their sense of adventure.

Gladiators Ready!

We were up at the crack of dawn for the glacier excursion and to meet Rene’s husky dogs. Class 6B & C loved the sleigh ride and cuddling the dogs afterwards! The afternoon was a tour around Barryland to see the St Bernards as well as a trip to the ancient Roman ruins of Octodurus in Martigny where a gladiator fight between the campers and Richard commenced in the arena.

A fun filled day for all!

Roman ruins of Octodurus Camp Suisse

Octodurus Amphitheatre


A cracking first day!

30th May 2017

The first afternoon at Camp Suisse went down a treat! Nothing says Switzerland more than the world famous Cailler chocolate experience and once again we weren’t disappointed! Campers came home laden with treats from the famous Maison du Cailler having been on the exciting journey through time learning all about the origins and making of Cailler chocolate.

Meanwhile back at Camp, the first sessions on the climbing wall were in full swing with campers getting to tackle the 9m auto belay wall. Archery lessons were set up on the beautiful outdoor range and our budding Robin Hoods got to tackle a variety of archery related challenges.

A fantastic dinner of bruschetta, salads and burritos followed by Eton Mess set us up for the evening schedule which included a fantastic camp fire and some outdoor sports with Activity Leader Steve.

Needless to say we all slept very well. Bring on tomorrow!


Maison Cailler Camp Suisse

Maison du Cailler


Arrival day!

29th May 2017

The day has finally come to welcome the kids and staff of LGB to Camp Suisse!!
The sun is shining as classes 6B & 6C arrive in Torgon to get their Alpine adventure underway!

A quick pit stop for lunch at the centre and the afternoon activities are kicked off on the archery range and climbing wall.
Meanwhile it’s lunch in the sunshine for 6A & 6D before embarking on the Cailler chocolate factory tour!
We have a fun-packed, sun-packed week ahead and you can follow it all here on our Camp Suisse blog.

Sunshine in Torgon

Day Five – Great fun and Goodbyes!

19th June 2015

Sadly the departing day has come around for our two remaining schools, luckily the sun was bright and there were still activities to be done!

Ecole Moser
The students of Ecole Moser got to spend their last morning with our mountain biking experts, trying their hand at maneoveuring around our course and cycling around the tracks through the alpine forest! After working up an apetite everyone headed back to Camp Suisse HQ where yummy sandwiches were waiting courtesy of the Camp Suisse chefs! Unfortunately it was now time to say goodbye, safe journey home!

Geneva English School
It was a very early start for the students of Geneva English School who were whisked off up the mountain to Glacier 3000 for a husky sled ride! After everyone had a chance to try sledding it was time for a yummy packed lunch on the glacier!

Unfortunately it was now time to say goodbye to both school. We’ve had a lot of fun, have a safe journey home!

Day Four – Discos and Departures!

18th June 2015

The sun was streaming into the campers rooms this morning to wake them up nice and early!

Ecole International de Geneve
The students of Ecole International de Geneve had a big morning ahead of them as their activity today has been the new Camp Suisse activity, Mountain Day. Their survival skills have been put to the test as they have been taught how to survive in the wilderness. They were introduced to the technique of navigation and are now confident in map reading and using a compass. Whilst walking around the mountains our skilled activity leaders introduced the campers into more ways of survival by demonstrating water filtration and tarp shelter building. All of the campers got involved with this and had a great time! Their confidence and improvement was fantastic to see!After a yummy lunch in the sunshine we sadly had to say goodbye to students and teachers, we’ve had a wonderful time with you all! 

Geneva English School
Today the Geneva English School woke up from a fun filled camping extravanganza in our off site camp location. After a scrummy camp breakfast they enjoyed a long hike back down to the Camp HQ. After lunch they dived straight into a mountain bike session with Brodie and Ed, our skilled activity leaders! After being taught how to check the bike is safe, the students learnt how to safely manoeuvre around level ground! Once everyone had mastered this they got to go off on various courses and finally cycle back down the mountain! The fun doesn’t stop there as everyone shot off to get ready for tonight’s disco before dinner. We’re looking forward to seeing some groovy moves tonight!

Ecole Moser
After a scrumptious buffet breakfast the students of Ecole Moser School headed off on a sporting adventure! First they got a Football masterclass from Emma, our footballing whizz! This included shooting techniques, the correct way to tackle and was finished off by a game! There was no time to rest after as Kirstie lead the students straight into a rounders coaching session. Everyone had definately worked up an appetite in the morning session and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine whilst eating a packed lunch on the terrace! For the afternoon session the group was split into two. The first went off shelter building in the alpine forest, this helped improve teamwork and communication skills whilst being fun. The second team went off to try their hands at archery and enjoyed their time in the sunshine. The teams then swopped so everyone got to try both activites! Next it was back to Camp Suisse HQ to put their dancing shoes on for our disco tonight!

Day Three – The Great (and Sunny) Outdoors!

17th June 2015

Despite a misty morning the sunshine is finally back over Torgon today! All three of our School’s have been making the most of the weather by getting up to various outdoor activities…

Ecole International de Geneve

The students spent the morning Mountain Biking with Jack and Emma our expert activity leaders, learning about how to be safe on the bikes and then trying their hand at cycling back down the mountain! After a tasty packed lunch the team dived straight into Archery where they did their best Robin Hood impressions! It’s nearly time to get their dancing shoes on as they have the Camp Suisse disco to look forward to tonight!

Geneva English School

With activity leaders Abiy, Sam and Tom the students of Geneva English School headed off for on our Mountain Adventure day! Here they learn about using natural materials in everyday applications and learn about the local alpine forestry! There’s a lot more in the forest than you’d originally think and everyone had fun exploring!

Ecole Moser School

The students woke from their camping experience at our alpine outpost bright, early and raring to go! Once everyone was ready to go they hiked down to the rock face in the valley for some climbing! First things first the session started by a safety briefing by Kirstie who taught the kids how to have fun and be safe. A great day was had by all!

Another action packed day here at Camp Suisse!


Day One – Welcome, Bonjour, Ciao!

15th June 2015

A very big welcome to our three school groups arriving today! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as sunny as our welcome with grey skies and showers for most of the day! That didn’t put off our new arrivals though, diving straight into various activities….

Ecole Moser teachers and students walked straight into our Bushcraft Hike. This was a great way for the students to explore the local alpine forest and learn about the use of natural materials in survival techniques!  

Students from Ecole international de Geneve hiked up to our Alpine outpost for a night of Camping (or glamping!). Everyone was brilliant at hiking and despite the rain there was plenty of smiley faces! The students can look forward to a night around the camp fire singing songs and sharing a spooky story or two!

And last but not least students from Geneva English School stayed at Camp Suisse HQ and took part in some team building games and got to grips with our Climbing Wall! 

It’s certainly been an action packed day & we’re all crossing our fingers and toes for better weather tomorrow!

Another Fun Filled Week!

13th June 2015

After saying a sad Au Revoir to La Cote and Strothoff International Schools yesterday afternoon the Camp Suisse Staff enjoyed a Pizza and some Ice Skating at Les Caprins! It was the perfect end to a fun filled week!

Today everyone has been busy cleaning, tidying and perfecting the schedule for our next set of campers! We’re all looking forward to welcoming our next group and making some more memories!

Day Three – Strothoff International School

10th June 2015

After a wonderful continental breakfast the students of Strothoff International School tried their skills on the mountain  bikes with our activities team. Once they’d cycled rings around the activity leaders they headed back to Camp Suisse HQ for a lunch of Hot Dogs and salad!
After their re-fuel the team headed off on a hike to our Alpine Outpost to get ready for their camping adventure!