Camp Journal

An Enjoyable Escapade In The Sun For The Entire Camp

22nd July 2012

Once again, the campers at Camp Suisse were greeted by a glorious day in the Swiss Alps! After demolishing breakfast, the campers attended either a language session or sports session. Half of the group enjoyed tennis training with Oli in the sun on our tennis courts. The other half flexed their footy skills with Chris and Kirsty at the football pitches. 


All campers thoroughly enjoyed sports session and had worked up a real appetite so lunch was a treat with nearly all children opting for second helpings. After lunch all groups reconvened for group and entire camp photos. Check out more of our wonderful photos on our Facebook page International Camp Suisse. Towards the end of the afternoon, all groups were thrilled to visit the top of the mountain after a chair lift with a million dollar view. After enjoying the panoramic view at the summit, they followed hiking trails and trekked across mountainous clearings to reach the football pitch where all groups met up for afternoon tea and a game of footie. Duncan from the Green group expressed how much he loved the lift up and enjoyed the beautiful views on the descent the walk and of course the beautiful views.

An evening of suspicion and investigation bookmarked the day as camp in to six teams to investigate the Murder Mystery.  Poirot, Scooby Doo, Marple, Sherlock, Columbo and Frost sought clues from the suspects through various challenges to come to put together the pieces of the case and discover who the murder was and their motivaition. Marie’s team, Poirot, successfully uncovered the mystery of the murder – Beth was found to be Toria’s killer and the offending weapon was a cake, Dun Dun Dun…


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