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Aqua Splash!!

10th August 2022

Today the campers headed to the aqua splash water park in Lausanne for a day swimming in the pools and soaking up the sun.

After breakfast both the juniors and seniors hopped on the bus for a scenic journey along lake Geneva to Lausanne for the aqua splash park. There was so much on offer at aqua splash, from lazy rivers and wave pools, to diving boards and slides galore. The juniors enjoyed a morning swimming in the shallow pools, taking trip after trip in the lazy river and cruising down the slides before spending the afternoon on the big slides. Dang Dang, Ayad, Ben and George had the worlds biggest splash off – the winner remains undecided.

While the seniors had free reign to go around as they liked, they raced down the free fall slide, the green enclosed speedy slide, and the chilled out blue slide. Tvrtko, Sam and Lucas even showed off their bravery by jumping off the 10 meter diving board while an audience cheered them on.

After a long day in the sun the campers headed back in the coach for a dinner of sausages, gnocchi and stuffed red peppers, and then showed off their acting skills with skits for the evening activity. Everyone should be sleeping well tonight after that!

Languages, swimming & Parc Aventure!

9th August 2022

Today was a fun filled today for the senior campers of Camp Suisse. In the morning the non-language lesson campers went to Champéry pool by chairlift and cable car. The sky was clear today and the weather was immaculate so the campers took in the breathtaking views of the Dents Du Midi mountain range while going to the pool. It was really a sight to behold. Florence and Chloe loved the diving board and were creative by trying out different jumps. Language lessons also went well with different skills being learnt, such as debating in English, where Aviya and Shahar became extremely engaged in communicating and defending their opinions. After lunch the senior campers went to Parc Aventure, a high ropes park in Aigle, where the campers were challenged by the heights and the various obstacles, bridges and swings. The campers started off with the easier courses then eventually moved to the more difficult ones. Arni breezed passed most of the courses, while Petur took a cautious approach, as he was tackling the many obstacles which faced him. Parc Aventure was an amazing excursion and a great day out. In the evening the campers had a movie night as they winded down from an action packed day full of incredible memories and non-stop excitement.

Reds and Blues do Eurovision!

2nd August 2022

Today our brilliant blues and reds woke up ready for another fun filled day starting off with the great languages Eurovision !!!!

The contest started off with each team getting their face paints on in their country’s colours ready to complete before the fabulous opening ceremony ! Anastasia, Maisy, Léo and Amelie did Japan proud with their amazing performances of give that wolf a banana and believer complete with choreography, Kyara, Mika, Enzo and Hadil represented France with particular highlights being Enzo’s incredible solo and the team’s Baby Shark / Pump it Up Mash Up! Similarly, representing the USA and Ukraine, Danielle, Adelina, Anna, Luella and Eleanor pulled out show shopping performances of Call Me Maybe ! Rupert also wowed the audience with his version of Boom Boom I Wanna Hear You Say ‘Way Oh’ representing England !

The singers all put the staff’s performances to shame and many won jelly snakes after being harshly judged by our judges Christian, Hadi, Nicolas and Ethan!

A visit to the creperie as a last day of languages treat followed Eurovision with campers loving their hot chocolate and Nutella filled crepes !

This afternoon was super exciting as we headed off ice skating! I think Blanca, Rupert, Bouke and Anna may be future winter Olympians with the speed they were skating around the rink! Tovel and Dean better watch out !!!!!!!!!

We are very proud of our legends again today ! Fabulous behaviour, participation and teamwork !

Swiss Day for the Reds and Blues!

1st August 2022

The Reds and Blues had a spectacular day today from raiding the Cailler Chocolate Factory to enjoying the National Swiss day celebrations in Gruyere!

The day began with our exciting trip to Maison Cailler, the chocolate factory tour experience. Here we learned many interesting things about the history of chocolate, while exploring the Aztec jungles for Cocoa beans and even seeing how the French Revolution gave chocolate to the masses!

Next was the bit our Reds and Blues simply couldn’t wait for, the chance to be a real-life chocolate tester! Everyone jumped at this opportunity with Bouke and Ethan being particularly good at eating lots of chocolate!!

After this delicious experience we made our way to the cheese town of Gruyere, where Swiss day celebrations were in full swing. Here we got the opportunity to see goats, sheep, and cows as we joined in on the festivities. It was a very hot day so we all made sure to cool ourselves down the best way possible, with ICE CREAM!!

Eleanor definitely enjoyed this part of the trip.

All in all, we had a fantastic day with our AMAZING Reds and Blues!

A spectacular day for the Reds and Blues!

27th July 2022

The Reds and Blues had a spectacular day today, despite the early start! 

We had our invigorating wake up to glacier themed songs like “ice ice baby” and “let it go” which went down well. 

We then began our long journey to Les Diablerets and Glacier 3000 which was completed (with a bit of sleeping on the bus) and we arrived! We ventured up to an altitude of 3000m and we hiked over to the dog walking which Bouke particularly enjoyed. Where we got an up close encounter with alpine husky dogs. We all had an amazing time navigating the ice and managed to make it up to the world’s tallest alpine coaster! Where all of our little thrill seekers really enjoyed careering down! Liana and Nicolas particularly enjoyed this part! 

After this we headed down to Aigle pool and had a lovely splash around. Although we still had time for some exhilaration with the two-storey water slide and the suspended zipline which Rayan enjoyed!

It was a great day all together and we were happy everyone had so much fun!!

The Red and Blue Linguistic Legends!

26th July 2022

The sun rose early on our fabulous reds and blues today as they got ready for another fun filled day of camp! French classes today saw Anna, Adelina and Maisy speaking French as fluently as President Macron whilst Léo, Kyara, Bouke, Liana and Nicolas learnt at family vocab at lightening speed !

In Spanish, Mika, Danielle, Christian, Neve, Amelie and Eleanor learnt a song about prepositions and directions and then navigated each other in Spanish on an obstacle course and treasure hunt better than Google maps! They then learnt body part words and designed fabulous monsters that were girl friends and boyfriends for single staff members before painting flags of different Spanish speaking countries for our project!

In English, Clara, Mathilde, Hadil, Line and Hadi read English stories and learnt about family in English!

There is simply no stopping these linguastars!!!!!

The non-language crew comprised of Yousef, Emma, Ella and Jaziel headed off to Champéry for a swim on the chairlift and put Micheal Phelps to shame with their unparalleled skills!

After lunch the juniors split into teams for a competitive afternoon of team building games!

We were all so proud of them as they showed fabulous kindness, friendship and helpfulness as they navigated through the water tower, sheep pen, marble run and lava river!

Christian and Eleanor took the water tower on with next level enthusiasm and absolutely smashed it whilst neve was the floor is lava queen !

Very proud of the red and blue legends again today! Big well done icons!

Reds and Blues go art jamming!

24th July 2022

Today, the Reds and Blues kicked the session off with their their first language lesson! First, the language teachers helped to ensure everyone is placed in a class level that will help them to develop their language abilities in a fun and appropriately challenging setting. They then got stuck into their language lessons, with groups learning English, French and Spanish, while the non-language learners explored the area. After a hearty lunch of hot dogs, our junior campers took inspiration from nature with some incredible art jamming. This was a great opportunity to look at our beautiful natural surroundings, and express their creativity through painting and drawing. Everyone had a super time, and the children really got to know each other through sharing and co-operation. A lovely day all round!

The Reds and Blues take in the views

21st July 2022

Waking up to a mystical foggy morning up the mountain to the sound of sheep bells, our campers enjoyed a cozy morning in the Planchaeux camping spot high in the hills.

They were greeted by a wonderful breakfast followed by a quick pack up before departing to the beautiful blue Champéry swimming pool, where they soaked in the stunning sunny sky while enjoy the unforgettable mountain scenery.

Playing games and enjoying laughs, the relaxing day was sorely needed considering the excitement of the last few days and nights, and the event on everyone’s lips leading up to the evening, the extravagant Prom evening!

The Prom evening started off with the Reds and Blues digging into a dish synonymous with Switzerland, a cheese fondue! Filling their stomachs with locally sourced Swiss cheese, they spent some time outside enjoying time within their age group before joining the party at the disco, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and left everyone exhausted but ready to pack up and return home after an incredibly successful session. New friends made, new bonds formed and new things learned, the session ended appropriately, on a bang!

Reds and Blues take on Lac Léman!

15th July 2022

An exciting day for the Reds and Blues as we headed down the mountain to cool off in Lake Geneva! First stop Villenueve pool! A quick outfit change into some swimming costumes and into the pool they went, splashing about, playing with a frisbee and trying our best to get a break from the heat.

We said goodbye to some of our campers today Isabella and Margot so after plenty of hugs and swapping telephone numbers we had to send them off with a big cheer. In the words of Winnie the Pooh; ”aren’t we so lucky to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”.

Some tasty snacks from the snackbar went down a treat with plenty of ice pops and gummies to go around. Another round of suncream and some water to rehydrate and we were quickly setting up for even more of the day’s activities.

Small groups broke up and prepared for the main event…Banana Boating!!! Some strength and courage was needed from our campers as they were zooming around the lake on a giant blue banana. Some were not so lucky or skilled were thrown straight off the boat and into the beautiful blue lake! Not the worst thing to fall into I suppose….Some very enthusiastic campers even chose to test their swimming abilities and practiced jumping into the water to swim back to the boat just for fun!

With all this fun we also had some more unfortunate parts to the day, including not 1 but 2 bee stings! Luckily for us our first aiders were able to help and we were back playing and having fun in no time!

After a long warm day at the pool and plenty of fun our campers decided it was time to head back up to camp. We hopped on the bus and made our way home, excited for what the next day has in store

More Montreux Magic for the Reds and Blues!

14th July 2022

We woke up to another bright, sunny and beautiful day in Les Crosets as our fabulous reds and blues enjoyed another lovely Nutella-filled breakfast complete with gallons of orange juice before smashing it in their second morning of languages at Camp Suisse.

Thea, Katia, Isabella, Maya and Dylan learnt French heads, shoulders knees and toes at lightening speed before designing fabulous monsters using their newfound French body part vocab knowledge with Winter, Aidan and Layan. Wait and see the amazing French monsters in the French books they bring home! Mairirose, Uma, Kate, Liam and Yasmine did some incredible self portraits and character descriptions in the advanced French class. The whole French gang then learnt a very catchy prepositions song complete with actions in no time. Fantastic work icons!

Over in Spanish, Jimena, Riya, Leah, Samual and Sarah and Kayla designed some incredible flags and learnt the colours! ¡Enhorabuena!

The English class saw Joaquim, Valentina, Alix, Pierre, Sabina, bianca and Zelda learnt to talk about family and did some brilliant reading!

How clever are our brilliant blues and reds !

After a well deserved hot lunch of hot dogs the juniors hit up the sunny jazz capital of Montreux. Harriet and Margot absolutely smashed the scavenger hunt and Pierre and Kayla managed to find the most expensive item in Montreaux ! Equally Omar showed incredible kindness to his fellow reds and blues today which we are very proud of him for. 

After our trip to Montreux’s supermarket, I think Camp Suisse may have single handedly funded the Swiss candy industry!

Well done legends – we are very proud of your brilliant behaviour, kindness and all round iconicness again today !!!!!!!! 😊