Camp Journal

White group scramble up the river

15th July 2013

It was another warm and sunny day in Torgon and the White Group were learning about the vital skills of orienteering by using pacings, compasses and maps. Everyone managed to hike their way to the football pitch, where the group experienced orienteering in heavy fog by using a group shelter as a blind fold. After some afternoon tea we headed off to do some ghyll scrambling. First everyone had to change into their water friendly clothing – after all you can’t survive this activity without being soaked. We put our helmets on and then it was time to hit up the river. ” Dont be afraid to get your shoes wet and no stepping on the green stones,” said our Activity Leader, Marie at the start of the river. After that it was tricky climb up with the help of some plank bridges and ropes. At the end of the climb people made sure no one had a dry t-shirt on. The climb back down was made even more wet by challenging everyone to go under the obstacles instead of over them. Harry and Duncan were more than excited about this and used the lagoon at the end of the hike as a paddling pool to have a quick swim. Before finishing we thanked the fish for letting us use their river by soaking our head underwater.

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