Camp Journal

Bushcraft Hike -Blue Group

19th July 2012

What a gloriously sunny day at Camp Suisse! After a spot of languages and sport, the Blue and Red group headed off to Lake Geneva for some water sport fun while the White and Yellows prepared for archery and wall climbing. Meanwhile, the Green group set off into the beautiful mountains of Torgon. 

After being split into two groups, half of Blue group set off on their Bushcraft hike, which was led by either Calum and Kirsty or by Tom and Rachel. Group one built animal shelters of which some even had a swimming pool! Meanwhile Tom shared his expert knowledge in the natural delights surrounding us including the antiseptic properties of moss. He claims that Reindeer moss was used during the Crimean war as a natural packing agent for wounded soldiers on the battle field. It can also be used as a make shift filter to make water potable and so after a short demonstration the group were required to build their own water filter using a plastic bottle, rocks, twigs and the moss.

After a lengthy period in the woods, Blue group headed back to camp for a swift shower and plentiful helpings of Mexican Fajitas. After campers eagerly scoffed up their pineapple upside down cake, the cameras started rolling in the 3 minute film after dinner activity. Our aspiring Spielbergs directed and acted a 3 minute summary of their favourite movie using what props they could salvage in their surroundings.  Be sure to keep a check on our YouTube channel – Campsuisse1 to see how they got along. 

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