Camp Journal

Yodel the day away

30th July 2019

Today, the Reds and Blues spent the first half of their morning in their language lessons, learning about different topics such as food, colours, and adjectives. Then, they set off to the forest for Brunch with Bear. This super fun activity involved the children learning to identify and forage for edible plants they could eat or stew. Back at camp, the children cooked up a delicious lunch of wood sorrel salad, with added protein of crickets and mealworms, washed down with a cup of spruce-cone tea. 

Time for a proper hot lunch, and onto archery! The campers spent some time learning the correct technique and perfecting their aim, before they were able to hit the targets dead on! Maisy even got a bull’s eye! The campers then went into the woods for a game of Eagle Eye, which Larry fought off all the competition and won. The young campers loved joining the older groups for their BBQ dinner in the evening, and sang louder than anyone during the Camp Suisse yodelling session! 

The Greens and Yellows woke up bright and early to get to Glacier 3000. After breakfast the yellows and Greens got on the bus and drove to the foot of Glacier 3000. They took two gondola rides to the top of the Glacier, where snow and cold temperatures met the campers. Luckily, it was a beautiful day and with the sun the temperature gradually warmed throughout the day. The campers enjoyed sledding, husky dog sledding, an exhilarating alpine roller coaster, and a walk between two peaks. It was a wonderful day, capped off with a cookout with the whole of camp at the near-by picnic area. The Yellows are excited for a day of rock-climbing and languages tomorrow!