Camp Journal

Tuesday 6th August 2019 – Rain, rain, go away!

6th August 2019

The Reds and Blues started their day with preparation for the upcoming talent show! After having lots of giggles during their rehearsals, the children got ready for their camping trip! Once full of energy after a tasty lunch, the Reds and Blues started the hike from the centre up to Torgon’s best camping spot. 

The hike was challenging, but all the campers did very well. The campers proved their strength when they were caught in a rainstorm during the hike, and preserved to make it to the Ski Club. Luckily, the brave campers were able to change into nice warm clothes as soon as they arrived.  

The campers enjoyed a classic camping dinner, before celebrating their successful day of hiking with an indoor campfire! The Reds and Blues loved telling stories and singing songs, and had one of the best days of camp yet.

The Greens and Yellows went on their own camping trip, this one to the beautiful Lac du Taney. The day began with a big breakfast and an extensive kit check to make sure all campers were prepared for the day and weather to come. They then set off on a scenic hike through the Alps stopping for a picnic lunch at the foot of the last big incline. 

Upon arriving at Lac de Taney, the weather took a turn and the Greens and Yellows were caught in the same rainstorm as the Reds and Blues! They also conquered the weather, and after a mad dash up the final stretch, they were dry in the Hostel where they would overnight. 

The weather cleared enough for the campers to enjoy a swim in Lac de Taney, and then joined together for a delicious pasta dinner. Before bed, the Greens and Yellows played indoor games like Werewolf and Tellestrations. After a long, tiring day the Greens and Yellows were happy to go to bed and rest up for another, shorter hike the next day!