Camp Journal

Trip to the Glacier & Villeneuve Pool

11th August 2019

On our first day we had the chance to enjoy the variety of activities and landscapes that Switzerland has to offer. We have had breakfast at 6.30 so that we could arrive to the glacier around 9am. The glacier can only be accessed by taking a gondola, which provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The first thing we did in the glacier was taking a ride on the highest Alpine Roller coaster in the world (the pictures are now available on Smugmug!). We then walked to the bottom of the hill and spent some time with the huskies. We also had the chance to do some sledging on the snow. We then took the chairlift to come back and had lunch in the sun. After that, we drove to Villeneuve swimming pool, which has access to lake Geneva. We lay in the sun, dived in the water, ate ice cream… It was a lovely day full of contrasts!

Alba Cuendias