Camp Journal

Thursday 1st August 2019 – Happy Swiss Day!

1st August 2019

Today Blues and Reds woke up at 6:00 AM, excited to be going to Glacier 3000! This very special place is in Les Diablerets mountains, and an astounding 3000m. After a sleepy bus journey and a short gondola, the campers had a busy morning sledding, on toboggans and even on husky dog sleds! The campers had a great time taking turns on the Alpine roller-coaster, which is on the peak and has breath-taking views of the Glacier. Finally, the Reds and Blues walked up to the lookout point, where they gazed over astonishing views, as far as Mont Blanc! 

All campers and staff came back to Camp Suisse quite tired but certainly very happy, having had one of the best days here at camp yet! After dinner, the campers were treated to hot chocolate and a movie night to recover energy and relax. 

Meanwhile, the Yellows and Greens had a great day in-camp. After breakfast, the campers enjoyed getting creative while taking their group photos. This was followed by their language lesson, which many of the language teachers chose to hold in the warm morning sun. This relaxed setting makes the children’s learning both enjoyable and meaningful. 

Hot lunch and a quick ping-pong break later, the Greens and Yellows walked into the woods with their counsellors to learn about building fires and constructing basic shelters. The Greens and Yellows finished the day with dinner and a competitive uni-hoc tournament. 

All the campers were happy to be in Switzerland for the 1st August, the Swiss Fete National. The children were able to enjoy the many fireworks displays in the valley from Camp Suisse’s excellent location in the mountains.