Camp Journal

The Ride Of Our Lives – Red Group

16th July 2012

The Red Group showed clear signs that they were settling into life at Camp by setting all sorts of records for seconds, thirds and fourths at breakfast – the previous day’s exertions had clearly taken their toll! Reenergised, the campers dived into their first language session, and many were rewarded with Nogrots (the Camp currency) for their hard work. The sun was shining, so the sport today was tennis, led by Olly, who helped everyone improve their skills through a series of fun games. The pasta for lunch was demolished with as much gusto as at breakfast!

In the afternoon they went to get kitted out with helmets and gloves for their first mountain biking adventure. Callum and Toria, the biking experts, fitted each person out with a bike and then talked us through how to check the bike for safety. With everyone feeling confident and looking cool they engaged in a succession of exercises to test out the camper’s biking abilities. The staff were all very impressed with the skills on show, and before long they were heading off-road to bike down a dirt track, complete with a mini jump! Finally, riding sensibly in single file, the group headed all the way down the mountain back to camp. Apart from the odd slip and skid it was a smooth descent. Tired but happy, the campers walked back to camp for a much needed shower!

After a hearty dinner of lasagne the campers headed out in teams to attempt a treasure hunt around the centre and Torgon village. Enthusiastically they hunted down clues to complete the puzzle. Afterwards everyone was ready for bed, but not before preparing their backpacks for tomorrow’s big adventure to the glacier, for which they will be up at 5.30am!! Warm clothes will be the order of the day!

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