Camp Journal

St Ivo Days One & Two – Coach 2

21st June 2016


After a long and tiring bus journey, St Ivo’s students were glad to have a bit of time off on Saturday in order to get ready for Sunday’s excitement: a day at the Aquaparc! They woke up bright and early and jumped on the coach for the beautiful and scenic drive down the mountain. Having arrived at the Aquaparc, the students received a safety briefing and were then sent off to enjoy the slides. Everyone had a fantastic day and a few voices were lost from all the screaming!

After some bingo, 5-a-side footie, or a film, the students all went to bed exhausted but satisfied. What a great first day!


The sun shined on Monday morning for the 5:30 am wake up call. Despite bleary eyes and lots of yawning, the kids were all up and wrapped up warm for a morning trip to the Glacier, 3000m above sea level! Two cable carts and a chair lift later, the students were running around in knee deep snow and taking in the breath taking views of the Alps, including Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. After a few snowballs were thrown the students took turns riding the sledge pulled by a team of Huskies and Red Settlers. Rene, their owner, answered all their questions and even let them pet the dogs, which was probably the best part of the day for the children! Lunch was slightly challenging due to the huge layer of snow covering the picnic benches, buts its definitely not something to complain about.

After lunch we went back down the cable carts and onto the bus for an afternoon of new activities at camp. Half the coach learnt to rock climb on the inside wall whilst the other half played at being Robin Hood learning archery. The group was tired but really enthusiastic, giving their best until the end. It should have been an early night for Coach 2, however, the call of England playing football was too strong for many of them who stayed up to watch the (disappointing) match.

Another full and exciting day which hopefully has only whetted their appetite for more!

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