Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day Seven – Blue Group

31st July 2016

Having completed their delicious breakfast, Blue Group had some time to tidy and clean their rooms and change their bedding. Afterwards, our fantastic photographer Matt ran a session of taking group photos in which everyone made some fantastic silly poses.

The afternoon was dedicated to a very special activity: Camp Suisse Olympics! Blue and Red campers were divided into 3 teams, each representing a fictional country. The countries competing were Dreamland, Aloata and Sportyland. The first task of the group was to create a flag and paint each others faces to represent their countries. Then campers had to complete different challenges such as the 3 legged race, the egg and spoon race and the wheelbarrow race. Everyone enjoyed their sporty afternoon and worked very well together showing great teamwork skills. Dreamland won the title of ‘Winners of Camp Suisse Olympics’.
After yummy tortellini for dinner, campers spent their evening playing ‘Dracula’ which involved completing different challenges in order to kill Dracula.


Preparing Flags For Our Fictional Countries!


Presenting Our New Country!


Dream Land, The Olympic Day Winners!