Camp Journal

Session 3 – Day One – Red Group

25th July 2016

This morning, Red Group started the day with their first breakfast at Camp Suisse. Everyone tucked into a wide selection of cereal, toast, fruit and eggs, read for the jam-packed day ahead of them. Before the group left for their first excursion, everyone took a quick language test to see which class they would be in tomorrow.

After that, it was off to the Labyrinth Adventure Park, a theme park down in the valley. There was so much for our campers to do there, they absolutely loved it!

There were huge slides, bikes, bouncy castles, swings, jungle gyms, and, of course, a giant labyrinth filled with hidden surprises for our campers to find!

Finally, it was time to head back to camp to have a shower and a satisfying evening meal. After dinner, Red Group had fun singing some karaoke. Our campers sung their hearts out, and headed to bed, ready for another day of fun!

Camp Suisse Session 3 2016; Labyrinth Adventure Park

Is the bike too small or the camper too big?


Hands up if you love Labyrinth Adventure Park!!

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