Camp Journal

Session 2 – Day One – Green Group

11th July 2016

The Green Group hit the ground running with a smashing first day at camp! All campers made it to the dining room at 8 am sharp for a hearty feed with cereal, toast, fruit, yogurt and juice aplenty. This was followed by the language assessment, a short test to ensure all campers are placed in the correct group according to their ability.

We then gathered together our swimming things and applied lots of sunscreen, grabbed a packed lunch and hopped on the bus. Enjoying the spectacular views along the way, we took the bus down the mountain and soon arrived at Lake Geneva. The campers then enjoyed their first day relaxing by the lake with frisbee, rugby, swimming, ice – cream and of course banana boating! Despite a few determined efforts to cling on, all campers ended up with some hilarious falls into the lake.

Back at camp it was time for shower hour followed by dinner. After filling up on sweet and sour chicken and rice it was time to head up to the football pitch for one final run around before bed!



Ready to go banana boating!


Oh dear! We all fell in!