Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Two – Green Group

6th July 2016

Today was another great and enjoyable day for Green Group. After a yummy breakfast, Green and Yellow Groups could choose to either go outdoor rock climbing, or take part in some art jamming (arts and crafts fun).

The Green Group members who chose rock climbing were taught some useful climbing techniques by our ever-talented activity leaders. With the advice of our activity leaders under their belts, Green Group members were soon scaling outdoor rock faces and most got to the very top!

The other Green Group members who stayed at camp made some fantastic, creative masterpieces- which are now proudly displayed on the walls of the Camp Suisse Centre. Our campers got to enjoy some good music as they created their masterpieces in the sun.

After an extensive buffet lunch, our campers had their last language lessons and campers practised their songs for karaoke night on Wednesday.

Our campers had an Indian-inspired meal of korma and naan bread, followed by a staff v. campers football match to round off an exciting day here at camp. To top it all off, our campers managed to succeed in beating the staff, which was a great end to a great day for our campers!


Green Group; Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; outdoor rock climbing

Laughs on the way to outdoor rock climbing!


Green and Yellow Groups; Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; outdoor rock climbing

Ready for the ascent!

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