Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Twelve – Red Group

8th July 2016

Red Group woke up to a bright morning at Camp Suisse. It was a special day for all of our campers: it was Mission Day and the night of the prom! All of our campers were mixed up and divided into different squadrons under a sergeant. After a quick morning debrief with the General Chief, each squadron set off on their respective missions.

Some of these missions included archery, an assault course, marching in rows and creating squad chants. The campers also enjoyed vertical infiltration training (otherwise known as the climbing wall) and mountain biking.

After the final activity, the rocket launch, our campers washed away their camouflage face paint and put on their finest clothes for the official Camp Suisse prom.

The theme was Hollywood and it was appropriately glitzy and glamorous! Awards and prizes were given out to our Session 1 campers. A disco followed the lovely formal dinner and the campers got to say their goodbyes, knowing that they would be jetting off home the following day!

Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; Mission Day

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…


Mission Day; Camp Suisse 2016; Squadron chants

Squadrons had to create their own chants!

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