Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Five – Yellow Group

1st July 2016

The weather in the Swiss Alps can have its ups and downs. We have been lucky to have lots of sunshine so far, but unfortunately the rain clouds took over the skies today. So our planned trip to the glacier was postponed until the next day. Instead today we spent the morning at the football pitch playing a variety of sports. Despite the field being slightly slippy, every single Yellow Group camper happily joined in on the fun and we played capture the flag, tag rugby, cricket and football (soccer). After a well deserved hot lunch we had language classes which everyone seemed to really enjoy. We had chicken pie for dinner and then had cookies and ice-cream for dessert  (which is everyone’s favourite).

Finally the group spent the evening winding down during much needed ‘Social Club’ – some downtime with a movie and board games. Then an early night to get ready for the glacier the next day!


Big smiles!


Making it look easy!