Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Eleven – Red Group

8th July 2016

This morning Red Group started off the day with mountain biking. Everyone received one-to-one tuition and displayed considerable improvement. Our campers played skills-based games and then biked back down to camp via a very steep hill!

In the afternoon, our campers took part in Mountain Adventure Day, which is day based around survival skills. Our campers enjoyed themselves immensely and they learned about water pollution, fire lighting for survival and shelter building. The afternoon was rounded off by a spot of afternoon tea- from the kitchen, not sourced from the wild!

The evening was rounded out by the Camp Suisse Talent Showcase 2016, in which our campers performed their songs and plays in their language groups. A great amount of talent was displayed, and our campers eagerly await the results, which will be announced at prom tomorrow night!


Red Group; Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; mountain biking skills

Practising our mountain biking skills!


Red Group; Camp Suisse Session 1 2016; mountain biking

Mountain biking and blue skies are a great combination!

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