Camp Journal

Session 1 – Day Eight & Nine – Green Group

5th July 2016


After a well deserved good night of sleep at the camping cabin and a nutritious beans and toast breakfast, the Greens were ready to hike back to camp. It was a sunny and clear morning, so everyone got to enjoy the mountains on the way. The once at camp we had lunch and headed to the respective language lessons.

In the evening we played around the whole campsite a reversed hide-and-seek called Sardines, where one hides and the rest look for them. Some pople turned out to be very good hiders. We followed this with a few games of wink murderer to test the campers detective skills and a bit of free time to relax before beds. What a very complete day!



Today it was Aquaparc day! The excitement filled the air as we were doing the daily kit check. At the Aquaparc it was nonstop fun. There were so many slides to go down and pools to swim in. We had a picnic outside and then continued with playing.

At 16:00 we headed back to camp for the 4th of July American style dinner. We had burgers, fried chicken, chips and brownies! After dinner we had an American Quiz which really challenged our brains.