Camp Journal

Reds go to the Glacier!

9th July 2018

Today Red Group woke up bright and early. Breakfast was at 6.15 am and although some campers looked really sleepy it was all worth it once we got up to Glacier 3000. On getting to the base we hopped on two cable cars, the views were absolutely mesmerising. Once we got to the top, Reds went to have some fun with the huskies. Our four-legged friends were without a doubt the highlight of the day. We even got the opportunity of petting them.
After some sledging and snowball fights it was time for some well deserved lunch. This filled them up with energy and prepared them for the Alpine rollercoster and the Peak Walk which consisted of crossing a suspension bridge which is almost 3000m up in the air.
All in all, it was a fantastic trip and as some campers described it: “an experience of a lifetime.”
Francesca, Group Leader.