Camp Journal

‘Red’-y for anything

7th July 2019

Whilst our campers may have only been in the Alps for 24 hours, they got stuck straight into their busy programme of activities and language classes. We’re always amazed by the incredible number of nationalities and languages represented at Camp, and we love to see the number of international friendships that are forged at the very beginning of the session.

Eager to start their first day at camp, our small group of Red campers were ready and waiting at breakfast this morning, louder and livelier than all our Yellows put together! They started the day playing some get-to-know-you games and teamwork activities with the Blues. This put them in a relaxed mood for doing their Language Quiz, which will help our teachers to plan their curriculums for the session.

After lunch, the Red group took a walk into the woods, to learn Bushcraft survival skills. First, they learnt how to build and start a fire. They were able to make popcorn and toast marshmallows! Then, the children built a shelter in the woods. Each child joined in and cooperated with each-other in a very respectful and friendly way. The counsellors tested their shelter by getting them all inside then spraying water on them which led to lots of giggling! 

The Blues tested their limits today, and participated in mountain biking and archery. The children were split into two smaller groups, which meant our instructors were able to give lots of quality teaching time to each child, and help them to practise their new skill. The children all tried hard and the buffet dinner this evening was ideal for the appetite they built up in their busy day! 

The Blue campers also had their Language Quiz with our teachers. This is important as it helps the teachers to structure their lessons to the needs of each child and makes the teaching much more meaningful for the children. 

Meanwhile, the Greens and Yellows started their day with their Language Quiz, following which they all piled onto the buses and made their way to Parc Aventure. With 10 treetop adventure courses, 5 ziplines (2 over 150m!), climbing wall, and a freefall tower, it’s an adventure lover’s paradise! Campers spent the afternoon swinging, zipping, clambering, twisting and jumping in the shady woods of the high ropes course. The children were all eager to participate and helped each-other to complete the courses, before returning to the Alpine centre for a well-deserved meal and a rest. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Greens and Yellows joined forces again in the evening for a huge game of Capture the Flag on our football pitch. What a start to camp!