Camp Journal

Red Group Hit The Target

18th July 2012

After yesterday’s early start at the glacier the Red Group was pleased to return to ‘normal’ breakfast times, and the group again gorged themselves in preparation for an active day. Language lessons – with many a Nogrot won for good work – was followed by hockey in the Patinoire. Callum coached the group through a series of games before a round-robin tournament resulting in a win for the ‘Snowballs’! After a delicious lunch of jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings the campers enjoyed their first experience of the tuck shop, purchasing unique Camp Suisse goodies and sweets!

The afternoon was split in two. They started with Archery on the tennis courts. Thanks to Sarah and Danni’s expert instruction all were soon hearing the satisfying sound of arrows nestling themselves into the target. The session concluded with a final challenge – to ‘win’ the right to use certain pieces of cutlery at dinner! Many earned the full quota but a few were worried about how they might be eating soup with two forks!
The second part of the afternoon was a return to the Indoor Climbing Wall, much enjoyed by all. After some practice going up the various routes some challenges were put up, including writing their name halfway up the wall, climbing up blindfolded, and drawing a picture while hanging many metres above the ground! All the campers showed amazing signs of progress in scaling the dizzy heights.

Much appreciated pizza and chips for dinner was followed by Games Night, with options of Twister, Jenga, Blackjack and Snap. Following some hilarious situations on the Twister mat all the campers headed for bed, exhausted but happy with their day’s exertions.

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