Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Foraging in the Great Outdoors!

27th July 2021

The Reds and Blues had a fantastic day today exploring the grounds around Camp Suisse. They went on a foraging expedition in the morning and managed to find themselves a treasure trove of edible plants out in nature. After what seemed like a long and fruitless (pun intended) search, Marijus managed to find a patch of strawberries large enough to feed the whole group! Other plants like Woodsorrel and Beach leaves were tasted and the campers really enjoyed their culinary experiment.

We also had sports at the football pitch in the afternoon with some superstar performances put in by Maisy’s brick wall defence and Nicolas’s amazing goals. We then played capture the flag which was hotly contested. And some campers decided instead to build a fairy fort which included a kitchen, a mine, defensive areas and of course many houses for the fairies. All in all, a great day was had by our campers in the great outdoors!

– Sam Kelly, Group Leader