Camp Journal

Mountain bikes and merry-go-rounds

29th July 2019

Today, the Reds and Blues spent the morning in their first language lessons. They met their classmates and started learning their chosen language, mainly educational games that helped engage the children and make them excited for the weeks ahead. In the afternoon, they went to the wonderful Labyrinth Adventure Park, which has a variety of different activities, such as a maze, giant slides, and massive swings. The campers’ overall favourites were the 30ft tall slides, and the many merry-go-rounds. The Reds and Blues played the day away, but were still full of excitement for the casino night this evening!  

The Greens made good use of Camp Suisse’s indoor climbing wall today! They spent the morning discovering the different uses of climbing equipment, learning some technique from the experts, and playing games like drawing a tryptic masterpiece, and blindfolded climbing. Their favourite challenge, the Vertical Obstacle Course, was won by Team Luke, with an impressive 14 points, while Sinéad’s Team came close with 11. 

The Yellows’ day began with a mountain biking session on the hills above Torgon. The campers got the chance to bike down several mountain bike tracks of varying difficulty, and even show off their skills on the rollers near camp. 

After lunch, the Yellows and Greens met their language teachers and had their first classes. The Yellows then got ready to ghyll scramble – an activity involving walking through a crystal-clear stream near camp. Although the water was chilly, the yellows really enjoyed adventuring through the ghyll. The Greens, meanwhile, had a contest to design and construct their own bottle rockets! All the teams worked well together, and every bottle was able to fly. The Yellows and Greens finished the day with dinner and sports, ready for an early day tomorrow at the glacier!