Camp Journal

Monday 5th August 2019 – Fondue and Fun

5th August 2019

Today was an exciting day at camp, as all the campers got ready to go on a whole-camp excursion together! And not just any excursion either, but a trip to Cailler Chocolate Factory and Gruyère Old Town! The home of Swiss Chocolate and Fondue Cheese. 

The magical Cailler trip started with a visit to the Chocolate Factory’s cinema, which made all the campers hungry before they were even near the chocolate! The children were then taken on a tour through the ages, learning about the origins of chocolate as it made its way from the Aztec Empire to Europe. The highlight of the trip came at the end, where the campers learned to be expert chocolate tasters at a special tasting session. Everybody got involved in this, and tried all sorts Cailler chocolates. During the afternoon, and after the ‘absolute-must’ trip to the chocolate shop, the group made their way to Gruyere Old town. 

A lovely lunch in the park gave the campers some down-time, before splitting up to see all that Gruyere had to offer. They made their way around the shops and cafes, buying postcards and  souvenirs for their families. There was even more to do for those who didn’t feel like shopping, as they took in the history of the old walled town and the views in the heart of the Swiss alps.