Camp Journal

Laughter on the lake for the greens and yellows!

16th July 2020

A rainy start in Torgon didn’t stop the Greens and Yellows set off for the pool in Villeneuve. Down in the valley warm temperatures and a lot of fun greeted our campers. The morning consistent of a session to master the art of stand-up paddle boarding on the lake of Geneva. During this activity they challenged each others balancing skills, raced around the lake and had plenty of fun playing games on the paddle boards. After a spot of lunch with a glorious very across the lake, the greens and yellows had the chance to go on a banana boat ride, a definite favorite with all the campers. With non stop laughing and smiles the banana boat ride was a big hit with the campers. An evening of karaoke seems like the perfect way to end such a fun and laughter filled day!