Camp Journal

Greens and Yellows go to Parc Aventure!

24th July 2022

The greens and yellows enjoyed an exciting first day of camp! After their first breakfast at camp, they were able to escape the heat high up in the trees at Parc Adventure. A morning at the high ropes course proved to be challenging – the “free-fall” from the rock climbing tower (actually a slow, controlled lowering to the ground) was one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. After a filling packed lunch and some volleyball and soccer practice, the greens and yellows headed back to camp. The afternoon was busy – campers in both color groups took a language placement test so that they can be assigned to the correct language class. After language tests, they enjoyed an exciting game of Gaelic Football (which, for the non-Irish, seems like a mix between rugby and soccer). Greens and Yellows also played a round of frisbee golf and then enjoyed the final day of the inflatable fun park in the camp parking lot. After a much needed shower hour and dinner of fajitas, greens and yellows enjoyed a pub quiz and sports this evening. All in all, an eventful and fun first full day of Session 3 at Camp Suisse!