Camp Journal

Camp Suisse On Film

11th July 2012


Fuelled on beans and toast, the red group could barely be seen as they descended through the cloud down to Camp Suisse. These intrepid explorers had been camping high in the Alps with only the home comforts of bunk beds, BBQs, Ping-Pong and table football…OK, so maybe this was ‘glamping’!


After a short downhill hike, red and blue polo shirts were donned for a show of true camp spirit. Photo time! Abiye’s cheeky grin won him the best smile prize and Bianca’s skilful jumping made for a fabulous Red group photo. 



The afternoon held more adventurous surprises as we tackled the Torgona Hunt. The scavenger hunt led the Reds to explore their surroundings from bus timetables to totem poles and the team 



of Ali and Sulaiman were crowned as our victorious champions.Led by Calum, the woods was now the guiding path whilst Joe’s den featured a fern blanketed place to be as the Reds lovingly crafted shelters for animals using only what they found on the forest floor. Amna’s efforts even included a 

floor. Only the best is good enough for our woodland friends.


The day was perfectly rounded off by a cow mug of Swiss hot choccy and a film (Shark’s tale) to watch on those comfy bean bags. Excellent day  Smile


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